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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Good Old Days....

H/t to Phyl


  1. Ha! My mom had a set of hair curlers just like that.

  2. WHOOSH! Memories of my childhood. Except for the flag with 48 stars.(I'm NOT quite that old. LOL!) I remember riding around in my grand mothers car, a 57 chevy, in a car seat, just like that one.

  3. Nowadays, half the charactors in the comics are gay, the cars are about the size of pedal cars, and our so called president has his own american flag with HIS logo on it.

  4. The Little Lulu cartoon reminds me of senior year in high school. I did that very thing for a girl (a friend, but not a girlfriend) when we had to pass through a field of poison sumac. She did fine, but I was out of school for over a week with a raging allergic reaction over my entire body. Had to change the sheets every day, due to the weeping drainage. Nasty. Almost missed graduation day.

    BTW, my wife still uses Chanel #5. Ordered some for her for our anniversary, but the company screwed up and didn't ship it. When I contacted them, and spoke to a supervisor about it, they sent me the 1/2 ounce bottle I ordered and refused to let me pay for it (yes, I offered). Almost $300 for that bottle, and we got it for free. I'd call that good customer service.

    Those all brought back memories.


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