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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Go Check Out Ammo.net


This is their Guarantee: 

 When you buy ammo at Ammo.net, your order will ship the same day or the next business day - guaranteed. That's because all of the ammunition for sale you see on our site is in our warehouse, on-hand & ready to ship. We also donate a percentage of every ammo sale to your chosen pro-freedom organization (at no cost to you!). After all, it's our mission to quickly get you your ammunition at a great price - and help support those who protect our freedoms in the process too. 

I'm gonna give them some business before Christmas to see how they do.

 Have any of you used them?



  1. I've used ammo.com. Not sure if they're the same company...if so, good service.

  2. Yes, Sir. I have them at my Patriot Links. Seems like a great guy.

  3. I've bought ammo for my dad thru them...they have the most awsome selection and service!

  4. I usually don't buy ammo (cheaper to roll my own) but thought their selection was pretty weak.
    No .35 Whelen, .45-70, 300 RUM, and thier selection of 30-06 is pretty thin. Prices are a bit high on what I was looking at, by about $2.50 a box.

  5. Just bought some 5.56x45 and .308. Prices comparable to Luck Gunner. The 1% donation is the cherry on top.


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