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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hear ye, hear ye, Great American Tribe

.......thou hast lost thy ways and hast forged thyself chains of iron. Hear the Revelations of the prophet Frogman, he who wandered through the barren wasteland of Europa under a wooden yoke and witnessed the terrible plight and dreadful blight that will now descend upon thee:


There is section specifically for each of the following


/snip   ... Just as they did in France, the policies you champion will affect everyone’s standards of living, directly and indirectly.


/snip... You who decided against opposing the Eurobama Project rather than banking on the R&R ticket who, despite all its shortcomings (whether real, perceived or invented) would nevertheless have been far more receptive to most Libertarian ideals


/snip....Some of you believe that shifting demographics have now relegated the American Right to a permanent minority status, and that to regain the initiative, you must disown the "Right-wing nut jobs" and "move to the center". That notion would be stupid and self-defeating enough at face value, even if it wasn’t echoed by a slew of Left wing pundits, who smelled the blood and see your doubts as a unique opportunity to demolish you further.

H/t to reader Steve.

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  1. Let's see: "far more receptive to most Libertarian ideals." Given that the Romney campaign systematically rooted out the Ron Paul supporters and excluded them from the convention, I do not accept that premise. And I don't even consider Ron a libertarian. (He says so himself, BTW.)

    Romney supports the foreign wars, the NDAA (with the indefinite detention), and most of the objectionable policies of the Obama administration. Yes, there are differences, as in the extent to which the federal government will swallow up the health care industry. But not enough for me to support a slightly lesser evil. Nor did I vote for Gary Johnson. I refuse to give my blessing (in the form of a vote) to a government, a process, that has become so twisted and evil that it is far worse than the monarchy that precipitated the original American Revolution.

    I understand the Frogman's views, but only partly agree with some of them. Voting for the lesser of two evils is the attitude that has brought us to this pass. The Republic as described in the original Constitution cannot be saved. The events of 1913 destroyed it. (Federal Reserve, income tax, and direct elections of senators.) The federal government will either become some form of outright tyranny, or collapse. Neither of those will be a pleasant or short-lived process. I can only hope my daughter will live to see the level of freedom I knew as a young man (I'm in my early 60s). I probably won't.


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