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Friday, November 2, 2012

Have you heard of "Spigot Cities"?

President Barack Obama’s campaign team could have more control over the outcome of the 2012 election than you think, according to a report by TheBlaze documentary team that reveals the potential for highly targeted voter fraud in key cities that could determine who gets the electoral votes from many swing states.
The potential fraud would be focused on major, decisive cities that are believed to help keep states blue, and therefore earning them the electoral college’s votes. They’re called “spigot cities.”


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  1. Just about everything in that article is already being seen. There's been reports in Ohio of loads of non english speaking somalis being bussed to polling stations and DEMOCRAT interpreters instructing them on how and who to vote for. Also in Ohio, the electronic voting machines have been mysteriously changing votes for Romney to votes for Obama. Hopefully, this tsunami will be so great that even with cheating Obama won't stand a chance.


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