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Monday, October 29, 2012

So Far Sandy's Impact That "I" Experienced Was Nothing Compared To...

... what New Jersey and New York are dealing with. 

Here in Southern NH / Northeastern MA we are dealing with power outages and trees down.

It seemed more to be a typical early winter storm that was heavy rains at times and gusting winds. The local news has shown the coast line where there is some significant flooding and erosion. Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are getting the brunt of the Northern arm of this thing.

On the commute this afternoon the roads were fairly empty and most of the businesses were
closed or had very limited customers. I didn't run across any closed roads or flooded areas
at all. 

Right now it is just under 60 degrees and the winds are gusting to 30 miles per hour
sometimes up to 50.
They are due to gradually decrease over night and by dawn they will be in the high teens.

The storm for this area appears to be winding down and by wednesday we will see some sun.

I think, where we are, we got kinda lucky as the storm appeared to move more west instead of northwest.

Disclaimer..I am not a meteorologist, I just play one on the internets.



  1. Well, I guess that's what nature and life is all about.

  2. The media is hyping this as much as possible! Anything for another smoke screen to cover for Benghazi and the presidential cover up. The mulatto's begging for cash on the internet right now! screw the storm!

  3. Glad to hear you didn't get hit too badly.

  4. Turned out to be nothing much in Va.

    Hope you came through OK.

  5. One of my fellow Gold Wing riders lives in New Jersey. His two houses, his cars, and his and his wife's motorcycles were all flooded. I think I'd have ridden the Wings out of there and left everything else.


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