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Monday, October 29, 2012

WOW.. You Just Never Know How Close Death Is....

This is a good friend of mine in Arizona. He and his wife were sleeping in the bed you see in the pictures.

Just WOW!

I thought I would share with you the photos of a visitor I had in my house at 2:30 Friday morning.   My wife and I were literally less than 3 feet from being run over in our own bed.  This young punk and his friends had just ripped off a pawn shop and the police were in pursuit. He hit my house at over 80mph, destroying my bedroom, two bathrooms and most of the hallway.  My wife and I walked away without a scratch, except now we have to rebuild this house. Oy vey!!    Oh and by the way, the cops caught one of the kids and he was only 14!!! I am not sure if they got the others yet but I am sure they will.    So did you have a good weekend….is Sandy bearing down on you ? 

I gave him a call this morning and he told me some more of the details. They were running from the cops and blew through the intersection across the street from his house. The car hit the retaining wall ( in the picture below ) and got airborne over the lawn before slamming into the house. The bathroom is totally destoyed and the house was moved on the foundation.

Someone was watching over them that's for sure.....



  1. Glad they are ok, but ask him how scared he got waking up to that noise... good lord could you imagine coming out of a dead sleep with a 3,000 pound car literally ripping through your house? Talk about fight or flight...if that didnt make you shit yourself i dont know what would...

    1. They thought the house blew up. They were dazed and just struggled to get out the bedroom door he said.

  2. Yeah, this is all good but it seems like you forgot Milfy Monday today.

  3. lol.. wirecutter - keeping it real... :)


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