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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scariest Halloween Costume Ever...

For Halloween, I think I'll walk door-to-door around my neighborhood dressed in blue/gray sweatpants, sweatshirt, and worn out shoes. I am going to do my best to look as miserable as possible, which shouldn't be too difficult. When people tell me I'm not to scary, I will respond:

"Mine is the scariest costume you'll ever see. You see, I'm "YOU", from the future. You decided to vote for Obama on November 6th 2012 and he won. Soon after the election the stock market crashed taking all the money people had invested. Iran and Israel started a nuclear war that has turned the middleeast into a waste land for thousands of years. Gasoline is but a luxury and the meager government job you have barely pays for food for your starving family. If you are lucky enough you won't be killed by the marauding gangs that roam the countryside, barely kept in check by the military that really doesn't care. Muslims and sharia law control most of the area around the great lakes. Southern california, parts of Arizona and New Mexico are under control of the Mexican drug cartels"

At this point I will take pause with a big deep sigh.................then continue..

"Electricity is rationed as well as medical care and food items."

"I thought", I'll continue on, "that after the four years of living the disaster that Obama was that you swore you wouldn't let it happen again. Instead you listened to the Media, which by the way, no longer exists. After all the problems he created you went and made a huge mistake buy voting for him again"

I'll pause here again for effect.......

"Don't let this happen" I'll whisper, as darkly and as meaningfully as I can. "Please. Don't let this happen."

I borrowed the premise of this from HERE

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