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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hit Them in The Pocketbook...

I just saw this  POST over at Wirecutter's blog and it prompted me to add my $.02. 

It has come to the point where the moonbats actors and musicians and atheletes

 seem to want to tell us how to live.

This has ruined it for me as far as going to the movies or listening to good music or going to sporting events.

 Just the other day Madonna opened her stink hole ( her mouth) and got booed and people walked 

out of her concert. GOOD for them. We all know many libtards that try and tell us how to live and 

how to vote.

Bubba , over at WhatBubbaKnows, maintains blog posts called "Don't Feed The Moonbats"

Scroll through and see some of the people you should not give money to.

I have never been one to consider myself a good writer so I like to find articles that articulate 

what I would like to espouse on this blog.

  This post over at In Jennifer's Head is one of those posts that says it all:

"Dance, Monkey!"

I have a made a promise to myself that "IF" shithead gets reelected I will do my best to only do 

business with like minded people and businesses.

I was wondering if there is a list of conservative businesses out there. I think I saw one that listed

conservative corporations but I haven't been able to find it...

back to hurricane prep..............


  1. Don't get too fucked up at your hurricane party, Bro.

  2. Go over to Greybeard's place (www.pitchpull.blogspot.com). He's been building a list for many moons, starting with Hanoi Jane....


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