Friday, October 19, 2012

Hmmmm ...I thought it was over 30%...?

at least that's what the media make you think.

A massive new survey published this morning reveals that only 3.4% of American adults publicly identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, with the highest percentage coming among the younger, less-educated non-whites.
The new Gallup Poll of more than 121,000 adults, the largest of its kind on record, wass conducted during the past four months. It finds the percentage of self-reported LGBT Americans to be much smaller than a general impression derived from their presence in popular culture and their perceived influence in liberal American politics.
The special report found 3.4% of adult Americans publicly reporting themselves as personally identifying with those categories, 92.2% saying they do not and 4.4% refusing to say or claiming not to know.



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  1. Heh! I think many were confused because they tend to call themselves, as I understand it "GLBT" and not LGBT. My guess is the way the country is going the number is much higher. As usual, it was the execution of the survey that determined the results. Drats! Double drats!


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