Sunday, October 14, 2012

What's Up With Google Stats???

Earlier today I was checking the stats and The Feral Irishman was over 1,950,000 page views!

I was heading for the 2 million mark before my two year blogiversary. I just logged on and saw this:

WTF?? Over?


  1. It's weird indeed. Mine reflected I had a total of 33 hits. As of today I should be well of 250K. Not much by your standards but for me with just over a year under my belt something is wrong.

  2. I just noted the same thing with my blog (but with a much lower hit count).

  3. They are back to normal now. Does anyone use Google analytics???

  4. You didn't build those numbers, someone else built them for you. They have been redistributed to a less fortunate site. It's only fair. They were glad they got their hands on them before you shipped those numbers to an offshore site.

  5. I think I got some of your numbers pissed, I looked a mine and it showed 1,014,990.
    Don't know where the million came from, but they might be yours......lmao......;)


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