Thursday, October 18, 2012

♫♫ Here is Your Morning Viking, Folk, Metal Band ♫♫

Reader Bayouwulf sent along this email:

Good evening Mr. Pissed,

You always display good taste in music.
I enjoyed the video of Opeth and thought I would toss this your way.  While they are new to me, they have been around for some time. They aren't as refined as Opeth, but that has it’s own appeal too. I especially like the first one, being that I am a Blacksmith. It also calls out to my Viking  blood. Enjoy!


Korpiklaani is the name of the band.


Click here for a list of "VIKING METAL BANDS" ( ya  I googled that to see how many there were)

 These are some pretty cool videos even if  the music isn't your taste.....enjoy :)

Who wouldn't enjoy songs with titles like:

 "The Steel", "Vodka", "Tequila" and "Wooden Pints"?


  1. Ah...well, as a descendent of "real" Vikings (mostly Norwegian and some Dane) I have to tell you that these guys are Finnish - not Vikings.

    Just sayin'

    1. Wasn't trying to be a dick. I have a Finnish friend and no affront was intended to the toughness of that lot.

      More light reading here if you can stand it:

      Sorry for the Anon bit - I usually sign as "Retired Navy". Had a few of the Guinness in me when I posted earlier.

    2. Aye so it was the Guiness talkin'? ;) No problem at all, didn't take it as being a dick.

      Thanks for stopping back and clarifying.


  2. Dude how could you not know about Nightwish?

  3. As a longtime fan of Korpiklaani, i can tell you that this is folk metal, not viking metal. Nice blog:) Do not attempt to drink a Finn under the table, you loose big time:D

  4. Sabaton. serious vikings. the song White Death about Simo Hayha, Finnish sniper with over 500 kills. alone with a hunting rifle. 40 to 1 about the Polish army against the blitzkrieg, etc. tried to post link, but couldnt. check the intertubes.


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