Thursday, October 18, 2012

Earthquake Drill... 10:18 am Today..


More than 13 million Americans are expected to clamber under desks and hide beneath tables on Thursday as they take part in the world's largest-ever earthquake drill.

Families from Los Angeles to New York will dive for cover at 10.18am in each timezone as they rehearse what to do in the event of a major quake.
Local radio stations will simulate news announcers warning that a 7.8 magnitude earthquake is about to strike, while ominous rumblings will play in the background.
The en masse rehearsal is being coordinated by Shakeout, a Californian group set up to encourage awareness among people living on the San Andreas fault, a tectonic fault line that runs along the West Coast. 


For some reason, I don't think I'll fit under my desk....



  1. Well then, you got a great reason to get a bigger desk, maybe OSHA will mandate one for ya......;)

  2. That's just what I fucking need, more .gov intervention!! ;)


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