Monday, October 15, 2012

You Know That Farm Raised Shrimp You Love??

You won't after you go HERE and read the whole thing.....

At Ngoc Sinh Seafoods Trading & Processing Export Enterprise, a seafood exporter on Vietnam’s southern coast, workers stand on a dirty floor sorting shrimp one hot September day. There’s trash on the floor, and flies crawl over baskets of processed shrimp stacked in an unchilled room in Ca Mau.
Elsewhere in Ca Mau, Nguyen Van Hoang packs shrimp headed for the U.S. in dirty plastic tubs. He covers them in ice made with tap water that the Vietnamese Health Ministry says should be boiled before drinking because of the risk of contamination with bacteria. Vietnam ships 100 million pounds of shrimp a year to the U.S. That’s almost 8 percent of the shrimp Americans eat.


  1. Without this knowledge I suppose I've been lucky since I always purchase local Mayport caught fresh, never frozen, shrimp. it's amazing that many in this country are still alive.

  2. Farm raised shrimp just sucks period. Wild shrimp is MUCH better, and better for you, being a natural source of iodine. Like Stephen, I buy mine right off the boat if possible. The local grocery store has fresh shrimp too, but it's more expensive (naturally). Now if you really want to get sick, look up how they raise tilapia...

  3. Most recent evidence of why all the really nasty, deadly diseases come to us with love from Asia.

  4. I used to catch pink shrimp on the West Coast, so this is not news to me.
    A lot of the Asian shrimp gets rejected because the coliform counts are too high.

  5. When your in the middle of the continent and the closest, large body of water is called Lake Superior, well there are others but that be the big one!!
    You don't have to many opportunities for fresh shrimp....Unless you hit one of the traveling roadshows that park in some parking lot around town advertising fresh seafood from Galveston...Yeah fresh how many days ago?
    So we have frozen...or none...and you just RUINED IT!!!
    RUINED IT!!!!

  6. Have only used Fresh Oregon Pink shrimp or frozen shrimp from fishing boats who ONLY work the PNW and Alaskan waters. We occasional get shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico here that can be traced back to the Gulf coast states. I am lucky to know some of boat owners who families have fished for generations. I was deck hand for three summers on Tuna boats out of Southern California in the late 1960's when you could still catch Yellowtail tuna and LOTS o' Sea bass off the piers, rocks, jetties, in the surf etc.

    I refused to buy any seafood that is not USA, Canada fished and NEVER buy farm raised seafood. China and such countries, never buy it and never will.


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