Saturday, October 20, 2012

Busy Morning...

I was up early with this stupid cold and sinus infection, curse you Furious Frenchman!

When I was up at 4:30 I noticed that The Feral Irishman had gone over the 2 Million post mark.

I wan to thank all of you that stop by this little corner of the intertubes to visit.

I have a bunch of things to get finished at work for Monday so posting will be light. I will do a 

more in depth post on the stats and on some other things that I have been talking to people about.

i.e. the election and the financial markets... we are in for a bumpy ride I think.

It's a beautiful fall day in New England....74 degrees.

I found this picture on line:


  1. That picture really takes me back. I am a native New Englander myself ( Lee Ma.) ,whence I left many year,s ago. The smell of the fall hardwood forest,s there is the purest air I have ever breathed.

  2. Congrads on the 2 million mark, that's big !!!!!! Hope that cold clears up soon........


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