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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Girl In Front of Me ....

...at the McDonald's drivethru ordered this:

I wonder how her pancreas is doing right about now?


  1. Hey! It was a small! :- )

  2. I'd love to see what the testing machine says in an hour.

  3. I like my coffee the way I like the ladies . . . .
    1) Hot
    2) Strong
    3) BLACK

    OH !!! Did I say THAT? Heavens to Betsy, NO.


  4. let me guess...muffin hanging over the jeans, mid-drift T-shirt

  5. My guess is she does not like coffee. She could have just asked for a Coke, no ice, toss it in the microwave and serve it in that coffee cup. It has the sugar, caffeine and nice warm feeling she was after. Waste of good/O.K. coffee otherwise.

    At one time McDonalds coffee was really good. That changed years ago but my opinion is improving lately. Don't actually get there too much any more.


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