Friday, May 25, 2012

100 Greatest Movie Threats..... Language Warning...


  1. Some of those were great, others pretty lame. I think, Harry Hanrahan must be very young, with a limited amount of movie watching time, to think those are the 100 GREATEST movie threats. Yeah, there was a lot of foul language and oooooh that may be threatening to some but there are some much better threats lines than many of those.

    He absolutely missed some of the best such as John Wayne in True Grit, which may be the best movie threat line ever and I am not a big John Wayne fan but that was truly one of the best threats in a movie ever, when his character Rooster Cogburn said:

    "I mean to kill you in one minute Ned or see you hanged in Fort Smith at Judge Barker's convenience. Which will it be?"

    Ned replies: "I call that bold talk for a one eyed fat man."

    Followed by Rooster saying:

    "Fill your hands you son of a bitch"

    That was the best one ever, in my opinion.

    All the best,


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