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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

R.I.P. Eugene Polley....

Amid all the ballyhoo over what a bold visionary Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is, let's pause for a moment to appreciate the work of Eugene Polley, inventor of the TV remote control, who has died at age 96.



  1. Indeed, and they wasted a NPP on the mullah in the White house.

    I remember when remotes first came out and what a big deal they were. An obvious intelligent man who truly did a service for humanity.

  2. Remotes have been around for much longer than you think. They just used to be shaped like little kids...

  3. Wow, this article really touches me. My father was an engineer at Zenith for most of his career. Many of his patents were in night vision and HDTV (the early CRT versions). My father knew both Mr. Polley and Mr. Adler very well. In fact, they both came to my father's memorial service in 1993 and spoke very kindly of my father. They were both wonderful men and wonderful engineers. Mr. Adler passed away some years ago. Rest in Peace Mr. Polley.


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