Tuesday, May 22, 2012

G-nite... A Twelve Pack of Rule 5 Babes to Celebrate!

In celebration of the 1,000,000 page view milestone that I reached today,

 here is some definitely NSFW rule 5 girls.

By clicking on the bottles you agree to acknowledge the fact that you might see some nakedness.



  1. Thank you Sir, may I have another: )


  2. What's better than a six-pack? A twelve-pack of course.

    Not a bad one in the bunch, truly outstanding.

  3. Wide vistas and sunsets over the water are things to behold, but frankly, there is nothing more beautiful than the female form.
    Congrats again Pissed

  4. Great site man thanks and congratulations

  5. WOW! That last one before the bonus- I've got a birthday happening in about (10 months), but she needs to be de-sanded, you could send her earlier if you want :-D

  6. Congrats, can't wait for 2 mil. anr the 24 pack.

  7. Ithink the one doing the extreme split just before the bonus babe picture is leaving snail tracks in the sand. Actually, I'd prefer it if she left those tracks on my face.

    So many awesome babes.......so little time!

  8. Congrats and cannot wait to see what you do in between one and two million and then for two million. I will just have to hang about to see....

    Most enjoyable site, Irish!


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