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Compliled and submitted by AFOI  ( a friend of Irish)
** In many ways this can also be applied, in general, to Leftists who embrace those who
would cheerfully enslave or kill them.  And this one sentence alone is worth the price
of the time to read it: "If you do not stand up for yourself, you only encourage your
enemies to test how low you will crawl."  Related:
** Insane.  Sort-of related:
** Who is paying for all this?
** Think this thought while you read: "It doesn't matter what's true; it only matters
what people believe is true."
** Wild Bill on schools and students who believe in a diety.
** What was it Stalin said?  "Those who control the present control the past.  Those who control the past control the future."
** Pegging out on the "Yick-factor meter".
** Barackus is THE domestic enemy we've been fearing.
** Very good read.  So many people want to be taken care of... and will trade ANYTHING
to be taken care of.
** Read the whole thing, but the conclusion is spot-on.  IMHO Barackus is putting Israel into a box where
they have NO CHOICE but to attack Iran.
** They're aware of it, and yet they negotiate.  Would you play poker with someone you KNEW
was a cheat?  Related:
** Barackus doesn't care; all he cares about is Iran not going nuclear publically until he's
out of office.  And IMHO Iran has every incentive to hurry up WHILE he's in office lest a
more firm person be elected in the US.
** Walter Williams on multiculturalism.
** I think I fit more than half of these...
** More like Democrat voters in waiting.
** #11: Define and quantify what the "fair share" a person should pay is.
** What's she drinking?  Send the GOP a case or two.
** Posted before a while ago.  Worth repeating.  Straight from the mouth of someone who really
WAS in apartheid.  Related:
** The MSM; anti-Semites.  More on this libel:
** The Palestinians are experts at using a gullible media; almost as if the MSM doesn't believe
that little brown people are smart enough to fool them.  And two more:
** "Are you now, or have you ever been, a climate change skeptic?"
** It's only "dirty money" when it goes against the Narrative.
** Nuclear weapons are here to stay.  The fact that they are possible was the big hurdle.
** Make something more expensive, you get less of it.  Why is this so unclear?
** READ THIS.  And IMHO don't be surprised at a surprise "car accident".
** Good.
** The more people on the dole, the more will vote for you.
** But... but... poverty!!  Root causes!!
** Of course they'll deny it.
** Quote by Walker, which gives him cred in my book (at present): "I will always choose to
focus on what matters to the American people, not what matters to the media."
** Quote: "Most simply stated, there is no country in the Middle East that gives Arabs or other
minorities more freedom than Israel does. Arabs can own land, vote, practice their chosen religion
and speak their minds."
** The new Faith: The Church of Barackus.  And remember the real intention of the MSM: gin up
so much controversy that if Walker does run, they can refer back to their own whole-cloth
controversies and say "The 'controversial' Scott Walker".  Related:
** Quote: "Secondly, it is obvious to anyone whose head is still on their shoulders that Walker
is comparing the act of standing up to one group to the act of standing up another. Not the
groups. The action. The fortitude it takes to risk your political future, be resolute, be
uncompromising when needed, and to ignore the weaklings around you who want to cave or make
a bad deal."  >> Will I agree with Walker on 100% of things?  No, I'm sure not.  But better
someone on my side, with whom I agree, 70-80%, who FIGHTS.
** Quote: "Maybe not, but once again Republicans have made it clear they don't have the stomach for a fight."
>> They're more concerned with feathering their nests and being invited to the popular cocktail parties.
The GOP is dead, and in 2016 it will likely be a rout for the Left as the Right's base bails.  And another
quote: "It is an overreach made possible by an out-of-control administration, and its Democrat allies-both
of whom are being aided and abetted by a deer-in-the-headlights Republican Party. Whether liberty itself
can survive such a toxic mix remains to be seen."  >> I'm less concerned with the Left as I am with the
GOP.  For years - probably more than a decade - I've been carping that the GOP seems genetically unable
to grasp that the Democrat party has shifted from a principled-but-still-America-

loving party to one
wholly-owned by Socialists who want to unmake America.  More:
** Cartoon.
** And I find it deeply ironic that this video is produced overseas.
** The GOP is dead.  Cartoon that's spot-on.
** 424 MORE IRS tapes found.  Probably in boxes marked "Rose Law Firm".
** But now that they've found them, apparently there are "technical issues" with reading
them.  Uh huh.  And get this embedded quote: "But under questioning from Mr. Chaffetz, Mr.
Camus said it took him only two weeks to track down the backup tapes, and when he asked the
IRS depository for them, the workers there said they'd never been contacted by the agency
itself."  >> Let me repeat this.  The place that did the backups was never contacted by
the IRS.    Boy, I'll bet there are some gems in there if they can ever dig them out.
** Quote: "Is it too much to ask that the man in charge of a project supposedly marshaling
the best scientific evidence for the objective consideration of a highly complex and
contested phenomenon not feel that he has a religious commitment to a certain outcome?"
>> Read the quote from the now-resigned head of the IPCC just before this.  AGW is a FAITH.
** The soft bigotry of low expectations.
** Controlling the future by rewriting the past.
** Over 60% oppose net neutrality.  Stupid plebes.  Don't you know we know what's best... for US?
** Jews are the canaries in the coal mine.  When a society turns on Jews it is getting
ready to start eating its own.
** Sunnis and Shiites hate each other, but they hate Jews and America more.
** I think Barackus just hates Jews.  And loves terrorists:
** Egypt accuses Qatar of supporting terrorists; a week later Barackus meets with Qatar's emir.
Draw your own conclusions.
** MUST READ!!!   WOW!

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