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 EPPING — A Connecticut man is facing multiple charges after leading New Hampshire police on a high-speed chase through several towns and later on foot after he abandoned his vehicle to hide out in the woods near a university campus, according to state police.

Michael J. Delucco, 23, of Cromwell, Connecticut, is being charged with felony reckless conduct and misdemeanor charges of disobeying an officer, aggravated driving under the influence of drugs, driving under the influence of drugs – second offense, operating after suspension – DUI conviction, resisting arrest or detention, and disorderly conduct. He also received a civil violation for reckless operation.
New Hampshire State Police and Rockingham County sheriffs prepare to enter the woods on the campus of Southern New Hampshire University in Hooksett, searching for a suspect from a high speed pursuit Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

State police said the pursuit began Tuesday at 6:36 p.m. after officers received a BOLO (Be On the Lookout) information from the Strafford County sheriff’s office regarding a driver who fled from an attempted traffic stop by the Lee Police Department.

The same driver, according to police, also fled after causing a crash that resulted in property damage in Rochester.

State police trooper Matthew Dushame spotted the vehicle, a black 2000 Mercedes ML320, traveling south on Route 125 in Epping. Police said Dushame attempted to stop the Mercedes, but Delucco continued at a high rate of speed and exhibited erratic operation, eventually going onto Route 101 westbound and Interstate 93 northbound.
Michael J. Delucco, 23, of Cromwell, Connecticut, was arrested after a police pursuit in multiple New Hampshire communities.

Police said the pursuit ended on the campus of Southern New Hampshire University in Hooksett, where Delucco reached a dead-end road. Delucco, according to police, abandoned the vehicle and then ran off into a wooded area.

More local news:Great white sharks detected off Rye, NH beaches. Fire chief says ocean "still extremely safe."

Officers established a perimeter and began searching for Delucco with the assistance of the State Police Canine Unit and State Police UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Unit. During the ongoing search, SNHU notified campus community members of the police activity and issued a shelter-in-place alert.

Police said the suspect was apprehended with the help of a police dog around 8 p.m. in a wooded area next to East Side Drive in Hooksett. Delucco was unarmed when he was taken into custody, according to police.

Delucco was being held Wednesday in preventative detention at the Rockingham County House of Corrections pending his arraignment in Brentwood District Court June 12.

State police were assisted by the Manchester Police Department, Hooksett Police Department, Candia Police Department, Auburn Police Department, Lee Police Department, the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and the Hooksett Fire-Rescue Department.





  1. I guessed he misgendered someone.

    1. HAHAHA
      So did I. I thought “it’s not going to be ANOTHER speeding offense.”

  2. Thank goodness for that thin blue line. It’s like a binky that helps me
    sleep at night.

  3. He looks gay. I figured it was some sort of homo/pedo offense.

    1. yah, I was thinking he got caught sucking a dick in the back stacks at the high school library. I feel so much better knowing it was felony evasion while under the influence of drugs. Too bad there wasn't a K-9 officer available to drag him out of woods by his scrotum. Now Daddy will pay his fines and somehow get him out jail. Nudge nudge wink wink $$$$ under the radar. Six months or a year from now we'll be reading about this little asshole again after he kills someone while performing the same maneuvers again. He can't go to jail because he's got such a purty mouth and tender backside and Bubba would just love for them to become cell mates.


    2. Me too. I thought he was caught blowing the college dean or someone similar. Hopefully he will be blowing a lot of fellow inmates in the near future not to mention some well deserved colon stretching.

    3. I was thinking along the same lines, but guessed pedo.

  4. Yea,I didn’t guess that

  5. 8 police dept's involved?
    Looks like that area has WAY too many jackboots with nothing to do.

    1. The Jurisdictions in that state are tiny. White Boy ran through a LOT of them, apparently!!

  6. I guessed he step on snek.

  7. That was my second guess.

  8. I figured he won the international BACK DOOR CONQUISTADOR competition. Ya know, the gold medal for rump ranging.. Blue ribbon in the chutney ferret finals.... Gold cup for uphill gardening....

  9. Hi Irish!!,
    "Rank Amateur!!!!!!!"

  10. I'd guessed that he actually hurt/killed somebody, to raise all that much ruckus.
    But because he failed to traffic stop? Stop for what reason?
    Why did the po-po originally want him to pull over and stop?
    This story is so poorly written as to try and glorify the Shiny Badges,
    they don't bother to explain why the original traffic stop.
    Driving over the speed limit? Lane weaving? Tail light out?

    President Elect B Woodman

  11. I want to hear more about how safe it is to swim with the Great White Sharks. Will the fire chief be swimming with them today?

  12. Well at least he didn't disrespect a pride flag or crosswalk.

  13. All those roads he traveled on had a speed limit of 40 mph except for the Interstate. Each town he traveled through have charged him. The speeding tickets are going to run in tens of thousands of dollars. He is going to be in jail for a while.


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