Wednesday, June 12, 2024

No Step On Snek....


  Was started around 2015 possibly as mockery of the right by the left. But, the left can't meme and

now it seems the Snek has become a thing for the right.


My post earlier was poking fun at the glowies trying to fit in. Allen noted, in the comments,

 that if that was the case, the truck would have been a 2024 with professional graphic wrapping

which is probably more accurate.

From Reddit  >>>

What is the deal with the 'No Step on Snek' flag?


"No Step on Snek"

and now you know more of the story, hopefully.


  1. There's a newer version of the Gadsden flag where the coiled snake is striking, and the motto underneath says "TOO LATE".
    President Elect B Woodman

  2. For sure, the Left cannot meme. I had not seen or heard of the "snek" counter-meme before this post. I too started searching the web after reading some of the comments and learned the story behind the "snek". Alabama has a Gadsden Flag license plate option as does Tennessee and some other states. Last week on I-22 I saw a TN Gadsden flag license on some sort of Subaru SUV. Right above the tag was a giant "rainbow" motif with some sort of .org group mentioned in the center (I couldn't make it out). I suppose the blue haired diesel pusher driving the SUV liked the idea of "being left the hell alone" to live out it's life. Wow! What a concept!
    Yes, Allen is correct in his observation. The posers version of a "snek" truck would look like .gov's cookie-cutter version of Trump supporting twenty somethings wearing military tee shirts, cargo pants, and red Trump hats at the June 6th "insurrection".

  3. I bought that t-shirt a year ago

  4. I have not the time nor inclination to worry to much about what those idiots do and say

  5. My limited experience with the people who display this flag leads me to believe they know little to nothing of its history. What they seem to think is it gives them license to be an self-absorbed, inconsiderate, a-hole.

    1. Or…. An orc takes it as a dare and you’re on the ten o’clock news practicing E&E through the scrub ‘cause your tag illumination was out…

    2. F you JEFF!! I know every bit of history about the Gadsden flag....and I fly the “snek” to poke a finger in the eye of the oppressors and show my support of free America...and not because I’m some self absorbed a hole!
      I’m 65 years old and I’ll beat your weenie ass to the ground for questioning my bona fides ...damn...bugger holes like you make me want to puke....

  6. Snek is just part of the Pepe meme world,many fun characters,started on chans way back when.

  7. there is an old adage in the militia community "how do you tell who in the group is a fed? their dues are paid up and on time"

    another indicator is they seem to have top of the line equipment that exceeds their income level. if you work part time at mcdonalds and you show up to the militia training with threadbare woodland camo, a beat up SKS and a chinese chest rig that was new when cars had fins, probably not a fed. but same job, and you have a daniel defense AR, brand new plate carrier, more magazines and ammo than you can carry, and every bit of it looks like you bought it yesterday...that's a fed.

  8. My neighbor has this hanging from his house. I figured it was in funny because he is an Asian. Sometimes the Asians can not pronounce words correctly like us white boys do. So I believed it was in a humorous way of supporting the flag.
    Heck, what do I know, I do not watch the "news" any more because I became too hateful and angry at the world. Did not do me any good in the long run, so I stopped watching TV "news". Piss off and Bugger off them boys.

  9. Mockery is the best medicine.
    Embracing mockery is the anti-venom.
    The Snek Flag is just fine.


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