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Monday, December 11, 2023

Ireland Appears To Be On It's Last Breath As Well....



Boy Identifying as Female Wins Girls’ Irish Dancing Regionals, Qualifies for World Championships <<<<<<<


A boy who identifies as a female won first place in the girls’ U14 2023 Southern Region Oireachtas competitions for Irish dancing.

The boy qualifies for the world championships.

Does it shock anyone that the boy competed in the boy division this year, where he placed 11th in the world? Yeah, I’m not shocked, either.






  1. Imagine being a kid. Watching the Adults, the Experts, government, media, Frikken every Authority structure aligning with what can only be labeled as Insanity. And You're supposed to be a Good Boy, go to School, make good grades and go Invest your entire life in maintaining that society.
    I'd have wrinkles in my forehead at 15.
    In the FWIW column, about fourth grade, so,1960, the FDA got a new guy. Can't remember if he had been a VP of a pharmaceutical company or lobbyist, but I made note that change was coming. It did.

  2. The chick that took out (and I don't mean on a date) Nancy Kerrigan needs to come out of retirement.

    1. That chicks name is Tonya Harding.

      Personally, I think either the women(the real ones with vaginas) or their male team mates need to take some of these twerps out to the wood shed and beat the ever loving fuck out them or just cut their package off with a rusty pocket knife then tell them that now they can compete on a more even playing field since they want to compete as and against women.

      Earlier, I read parts of Tucker's latest piece with Kid Rock. Kid stated that "we're raising a bunch of pussies" in response to one of the subjects in the interview.

      I was heartened to see, over the weekend, that the bitch from UPenn resigned, under pressure, after her disgusting testimony before CONgress last week. The bitch president of Hhaarrvvaahhdd is next. Not only have major benefactors pulled their donations from several of these "institutions" of woke mind fuckery, the Hhaarrvvaahhdd bitch has been caught out blatantly plagiarizing her Doctoral Thesis. She does however check several woke mind fuckery boxes, woman, black(first black Pres. of Hhaarrvvaahhdd, so there's that), so the outcome is still in doubt. In another article I read on this woman yesterday, the article insinuated that her nomination and vetting for the job was rushed through to install her immediately after the then current president retired. Oh, one other thing. She's a Poly Sci "scholar" specializing in "race in politics" (who knew) and a "recognized authority" having held various professorships and published several books dealing with the subject. In other words, a person "in authority" spewing woke mind fuckery boolshite to students at institutions of higher learning.

      The we wonder why college educated people these days don't have a clue and can only find work as "baristas" or waiters and waitresses.


    2. I think the females (XX) that (s)he (XY) defeated should gang together and beat the crap out of him, especially at the hips, knees, and feet/ankles.
      Make (it) medically "retire".

      President Elect B Woodman

    3. Update. The Hhaahhvvaahhdd biotch will NOT lose her job. 'Course if a WHITE MAN had said the things she did, he'd have been run out of town on a rail after tarring and feathering.

      What did the exalted board at HHaahhvvaahhdd do? They "allegedly" requested "corrections" to her publications that were outed as plagiarized.

      Probably didn't have anything to do with her skin color. Notice, however, that the WHITE WOMAN from UPenn is already gone, resigned under pressure from the board.


  3. Unlike in most sports, I don't see a male-to-female transgender kid having any advantage in dancing in the female role - if anything, I'd imagine s/he would be at a bit of a disadvantage, having to learn how to , as Ginger Rogers put it, dance " backwards and in heels" .

    ( Yeah, I know that isn't how Irish dancing is done, but the general idea still applies. )

  4. Just waiting for Michael Collin’s and the ghosts of my ancestors to awaken

  5. I can save the world a lot of time, money, and anguish.
    Get rid of separate events for men and women. No more men's sports, no more women's sports. No more Title 9 money and lawsuits making shysters rich. May the best man, woman, or it, win.
    Men can kick the its ass, women can go back home and cook and clean and raise the children. The its can go back in the closet. You know, like in the good old days.
    Boy, if only I were king of the world!!!


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