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Sunday, December 10, 2023

An Amazing Feat: Mother sees ten sons off to the front in WW2 and all ten return

It is nothing short of a miracle considering the fact that Joe Stalin  never hesitated for a moment in his quest to wear out German machineguns by continually throwing Russian soldiers at them.

                             Click here to read the story of the Lysenko brothers .


  1. God must have loved Mama Lysenko.

  2. PS 15 kids! She put the mother in Mother Russia.

  3. God bless praying mothers. Woody

  4. Cool story, thanks for that Jeffery. Wonder if any or all of the 5 daughters were hot like a lot of Ukrainian women

  5. well, when you see that 6 out of 10 people who fought in that war died. well yeah. the Russians lost more than 20 million people in WW2. just like 60-70% of the Germans died in the east.
    watch a lecture or two by David Glantz on WW2 and Russia. most people have no idea how bad it was
    hell, the 8th air force lost more people than the Marines did in WW2.
    and even Jimmy Stewart had problems with PTSD after the war. he was in the 8th air force.
    kind of weird how most people think the air force was a safer bet than being a grunt, but it was not. dave in pa.

    1. That 20 million figure is under a lot of scrutiny. Some will tell you Uncle Joe was trying to cover how many really died in the purges.

    2. That is true. In the battle for Berlin, Soviets claim app. 400,000 casualties. Post war evidence by the Western Powers contend the figure was probably over a million. German forces were about the same. The whole "Ost Fronten" was a meat grinder.

    3. There were also millions of Russian troops captured. Generally they survived the POW camps and came home, then Stalin threw them into concentration camps for suspected disloyalty. Those that escaped the Germans and carried on guerrilla war against the Germans were locked up even faster - anyone that escaped could think for himself and might realized that the Nazis were only the second-worst enemies of the Russian people, behind the Communists. And if he could fight like that against Nazis he could fight as well against the Communists.

      Now, the Russian concentration camps weren't designed as death camps. Everyone sent to them had a set prison sentence, and would be released if they survived long enough. But not many survived. Communist neglect, incompetence, and indifference to providing food and shelter is nearly as deadly as the Nazi intention to kill by overwork, starvation, and the gas chamber if unable to work.

  6. My paternal grandmother had five sons (and a future SIL) sent into WWII. Europe and Pacific. All six returned uninjured if not unscathed. The oldest and most decorated of the six lived to 99.5 years old. Possibly the most gentle man I've ever met. Way different times.

  7. Look up Sarah Brandon "Mother of the Civil War". Her sons served both in Union Army and Confederate Army


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