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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

From the Front

                      Why you should always carry two stielhandgranaten


  1. Two sticks up your ass has to be better than one... If you are gonna go out, be a legend!

  2. 33 and 34 are great

  3. 21 - Bouncing Betty landmine. Do not disturb.

  4. That's a surefire cure for constipation.

  5. Good thing he had himself two. Hate to see this photo with but one.

  6. #36 says it all, and answers the "why" question to so many things the tards stand behind

  7. I just read the paper about the Spanish Flu. Nowhere in it does it say masks were the cause of the pneumonia. Maybe they were maybe not but it does not say they were the cause of the pneumonia. I don't like Fauci. I think he should be stung up for crimes against humanity but unless they altered the paper the meme is bullshit. This is where the "your a conspiracy nut job" comes from. Can't convince people of something if what you're saying is bullshit.

    1. Do you really think "fact checkers" or TPTB would freely advertise that their man, Fauci actually made that statement? It is a a stretch, but apparently there is some truth in the meme. However, I don't think the masks cause "Spainish Flu". Of course, I do not have a medical degree, but there is a correlation between masks and increased risk of BACTERIAL Pneumonia. Just like I believe healthy people died during COVID due to .gov's prescribed treatment with the ventilator. The treatment killed more than the virus at least of the people I knew who died.

      Memes are memes. I look upon them as thought provoking-satirical humor, but see your point about legitimacy.


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