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Friday, September 29, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.... This Otter Be Good....











Stay safe out there and enjoy the weekend!!


Life is short. Don't sweat the small stuff if you can help it:




  1. Awesome as always. What is in the hardened aircraft bunker in 107?

    EYE BLEACH for 140.

    1. MIG-23 looks like. Variable sweep wings & the intakes look right for it. LOTS of bits missin…

    2. The Russian Air Force since 1991.

  2. Cannot pick a winner this week as there are too many to choose from. Outstanding collection, thanks Irish!

  3. Wind turbines are between Mojave and tehachapi California

  4. Nice pear on 7, nice tush on 20, hi, Ann, nice beguile on 34, Ding How, nice Rokeby on 44, nice looking older lady on 46, 103, 113, nice you name it on 65, nice milkwhite on 66, nice slippage on 75, nice orange on 76, nice selfie on 83, nice hi, dear, so glad you're home on 96, nice contemplative on 110, nice boilerdoc on 125, nice wet Roman on 129, hi, Charlie, 133's gonna be sore when the hair grows back, nice bouncy on 152, nice hanging gardens on 168.

  5. Thank you Irish for all you do. The best day of my week is loading up your site on Fridays.
    The gingers brought back memories if my misspent youth.
    Ενα μεγαλο ευχαριστώ. Ν'σε πάντα καλά.
    - Ερωτοκριτως

  6. THAT, was EPIC.
    And that clip at the end should open a few eyes.
    It's why I don't give a fuck, what people think of me. How I look, dress, act or think.
    In the long run it makes zero difference.

    1. "In a hundred years, there will be two billion communist chinese that don't give a shit; why should it bother you now?

  7. #72 is Lindsay Wagner before The Bionic Woman.

    1. Who is, sadly, now 74 this year.
      Ah, what memories from better days.

  8. #20 for the win. Understated but sexy

  9. Re: #126:
    THAT didn't take long.

  10. Wow. Lindsey Wagner and that Riviera for the win….

  11. 11 - There is a sweet, well preserved barn find.
    19 - Guess who?
    25 - Nice clean 70 F100. A little high for my tastes, but otherwise, tastefully done.
    43 - The Flying Tigers of The First American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Republic of China Air Force.
    46 - Love a Hot Mom
    48 - Practice makes perfect.
    49 - POTN 3rd Alternate
    57 - Hobbits?
    59 - My OTHER favorite Mustang.
    72 - Very cute.
    77 - Year, after year, after year.....
    81 - MILF of the Night 1st Alternate
    82 - POTN 2nd Alternate
    92 - Because he was right.
    103 - MILF of the Night
    105 - Concours perfect restored 1966 U13 Bronco Roadster -
    106 - Perfectly proportioned in every way.
    107 - Abandoned Soviet Airbase, Smirnykh.
    122 - POTN 1st Altrnate
    124 - Wow, what a package!
    125 - I love that look.
    131 - Me? I'd keep pushing to see just how far she'd go.
    133 - Scotch brand electrical tape, not only good to 600Volts.
    134 - Nope. Just one word - FILTER?
    138 - The Single Mom?
    141 - Damn! Just DAMN, Damn, damn! Absolutely my POTN.
    142 - I know you can smell that.
    143 - What it looks like when I buy ALL the Happy Endings.
    148 - I love those two, UUmmmmm - I mean I love you too?
    162 - And still under qualified.
    167 - Suddenly, I hear Rob Zombie singing: Brick House 2003.
    170 - I see the bad moon a-risin'. I see trouble on the way. I see earthquakes and lightnin'. I see bad times today.

    So, are they going to keep her lying in state so everyone can spit on her.
    Are we going to have to wait in line to piss on her grave?
    Asking for a friend......
    Ding, Dong, the Witch is dead!

    That and FFFF? What an awesome end to the week.
    Have a great weekend, Boss!

    Whitehall, NY

  12. That position is called "I need a new sugar daddy".

  13. Thanks for the mamories, especially the ginger ones!!!!!!

  14. Love your work man. Keep it up!

  15. Outstanding!!! Best part of the week! An extra helping of the fire kissed this week, thank you very much!!

  16. I love the elbow placement on #122... if planned... brilliant!

  17. #131...Eat, because I'm going to need my strength later.

  18. Life is short. Don't sweat the small stuff if you can help it:

    Also, don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.

  19. For the last clip, it matters because the world I help build will be inherited by my children. In 50 years, my grandchildren will be living and raising my great grandchildren in what my children learned to build. If the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the second best time is now, then now is the time to ensure our children inherit the best world we can show them.

    What concerns us now is important because values are inculcated, not inherited. Her sound bite is just that, the very definition of sophomoric. Seems intelligent, but isn’t really.

    1. My take on it is , don't sweat the small stuff. There are many things that CAN be changed and many that can't
      in the long run her premise is correct. I read the book " The Power of Now" which basically states this is all you have right here and now in this moment. You can't change the past and you can't predict the future. I could die in a car accident later today and what was it all for? Does that mean hookers and blow? No. I'm still trying to diet and exercise and be healthy enough to watch all the criminal deep staters go to jail :)
      Live each moment to the best you can. Pass on your wisdom to your children and your children's children but there is no guarantee of what the future holds. My 2c.

    2. "What me worry" is fine on a comic book, not so much for a lifestyle.

  20. Does anyone have the direct link to the youtube video> Im tired of trying to figure it out. tHank you

    1. Here ya go, I posted it to youtube. Not sure if it will last.


    2. Thank You. Wanted to share this with some people.

  21. Excellent collection! I like the Riviera, reminds me of my uncle's '65, but his was seafoam green.
    How do I apply for the job of the guy that puts the tape bikinis on the models?
    29 makes me understand Elvis chasing young Ann Margaret
    The P-40 AVG pilot with the blood chit jacket puts it in perspective; have to communicate with the people you're fighting for somehow!
    The pic of Bronson with Ireland is great!
    I don't know how you do it, but you always find the best morning coffee girls!
    Thanks for another great effort!

  22. #29 "Don't make it too obvious, but I wanna see fur...and early mornin' dew!"

  23. Always loved that pic of Chuck and the Mrs.
    He looks like he is carved out of stone...and she looks like a dream.
    Thanks for posting

  24. #4 is in love with her feet and frankly so am i.

  25. Holy pleasant beauties Irish, I’m almost a week late and Dayyyyum it’s great. No doubt one of your best but you will top it again. Closing video hits home. Thanks.
    Ken NWF

  26. #3 with #5 is actually my personal style.


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