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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Ancient Apocalypse Series...


 I finished the last 4 episodes while cooking and making lunches for the week.

This was a great series if you haven't seen it yet. He has some interesting Hypothesis.








  1. Never trust a person with a lazy eye.

  2. It's on Netflix soo I'll never see it.

  3. I saw it and thought it was interesting. Maybe there was an advanced antidiluvian civilization. Not as advanced as today but maybe as advanced as today but more advanced than cavemen.

  4. I stumbled on Ancient Apocalypse via Nerdrotic, might be worth giving it a listen if you're into this stuff.


  5. Saw this awhile back! Interesting and makes you think that we dont know Jack!

  6. I like Graham Hancock because he is sharp enough to notice when the official narrative doesnt add up and asks the question, Why? Joe Rogan has interviewed him (and a similar guy Randall Carlson) extensively. Those interviews are available on YouTube for free.

    And frankly they are better. Because he says this doesn't fit, and here is the reason why.

    This Netflix series was about forcing a narrative to fit the facts - that there was a single antediluvian civilizatoin. He might be right. Its more likely that there were multiple such civilizations that interacted somehow.

    The Netflix series is beautifully shot and I saw some places I didn't know existed. But start with the Joe Rogan interviews. The really mindblowing discovery is a place called Gobekli Tepe in Turkey which is about 12,000 years old - about 8,000 years before the mainstream guys will concede that humans had agriculture or societies.

  7. Yep good stuff, one of the few good shows on netflix


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