Friday, January 20, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago...







Stay safe out there and enjoy the weekend!!


  1. Ya know man, sometimes I'd just like to stand behind you looking over your shoulder at the computer screen and watch you work your magic.
    Your file folders must be epic.

  2. Nice post and #25 is AOK! Thanks, Irish

  3. Nice bouncy on 4, nice older lady on 21, 76, 79, 88, 114, 123, 129 (must love it when Hubbo wants top get back to nature), 131, 75, 131 is how women used to look, Hi, Gina, you were part of what made the 50s fabulous, nice lowriders on 80, I love women naked in the water, nice plump on 99, nice Roman heart on 102, nice veil on 113, nice musculature on 121, nice tush on 125, nice everything on 141.

    Must be older ladies week.

  4. 121 Oooof gonna research in the morning.

    Bear Claw

    1. She would break you in half or crush your head with those thighs. What way to go. ;-)))


    2. 59 The Deer Hunter I would frame that and hang it if I had a good copy except for dick head dinero.

      Bear Claw

  5. Nice mix of lovely young ladies and mature MILFs with those big American boobs. Out effing standing!!!

    Thanks and have a great weekend.


  6. Oofah...lot of old saggy broads in this one. Luckily, the younger ones were automatic eye bleach.

    BTW - that fat pig that has the 'don't grab my pussy' shirt? I've seen dudes hit way worse at the end of a night.

    Followed by telling the hambeast not to tell anyone they did that.

    Don't ax me how I know. FWIW, it wasn't me. But i've been that thirsty.

    Hole and a heartbeat, there's some what ain't so discriminatin' and whatnot.

  7. Don't know about your other visitors, but this old guy likes the older ladies. Keep it up, please. Oh, and the young ones, cars, food...

  8. Nice collection of some older ladies that still got what it takes, and probably know how to use it better than these younger ones do.

  9. #67 I'd take either of the top 2, the bottom need new paint...

  10. 4 - I knew this would be one of Ed's favorites. He has good taste.
    6 - The red one is more dangerous.
    8 - Mmmmmm. I love a show off. And what a spectacular specimen to show off.
    12 - Jet powered unicycle? I distinctly saw flames.
    13 - It's black and has the shoulder thingy that goes up - it must be an assault stove.
    19 - An obvious dye job, but who cares? POTN 1st Alternate.
    28 - I am that man.
    30 - Would have been even prettier if they hadn't Photoshopped her eyes.
    41 - My uncle did the same with a pipe wrench, a chain, a tree, and a trailer ball. The wrench didn't survive.
    43 - Looks more like a combination of bad heat treat, too much throttle, and too little brains.
    46 - My POTN
    49 - At least Russians have ACTUAL women in beauty contests. A looker, to boot!
    51 - Nice can. AAC or Silencerco?
    53 - Yeah, OK. Sure.........
    57 - Looks more like cousins.
    63 - A house worth of lumber in every log.
    67 - Three out of four, ain't bad. I'd take the Bullitt clone and the BOSS. Never cared much for Eleanore.
    70 - I have a drea...... penis?
    72 - A bipod on a carbine? Why? Piss water instead of beer? NO! The LaRue Tactical Armadillo is cool, though.
    73 - Would be an awesome holiday retreat ( as long as the old lady doesn't catch us ).
    76 - MILF of the NIght
    86 - A lot about her reminds me of my first EX. At least all the fun bits.
    87 - MOTN 1st Alternate
    88 - MOTN 2nd Alternate
    92 - Oh, sure. Play innocent. Nobody believes you.
    95 - Siren !
    98 - Those eyes.
    108 - Talk about a Barracuda.
    118 - Cute
    121 - Nope. Not even a little bit. OK, maybe a little - but only after her "pump" goes away. I prefer a softer lass.
    124 - Wow. Those are spectacular.
    125 - Double the fun. Four times the problems.
    129 - Who prints an EXIT sign on a tent? We are doomed as a species.
    136 - I love a Hot Mom.
    143 - A Firebird for a change. The other F Body. Nicely done, in this instance.
    144 - A Rest-Mod 'Bird. I bet that thing rips.

    Another great end to a long week.
    Chocked full of Hot Moms and MILFs. Most Excellent.
    Thanks, Boss!

    Whitehall, NY

  11. #45 SCTV meets SNL. Well played. John Candy was so little!

    Midwest Chick

  12. Once again it's Friday, the best day of the week on the internet. You the man! One other thing, What ever restaurant #27 is from, I'd eat there every week for the rest of my life.

  13. Bah....I got to #4 and my girlfriend won't let me go to the next image... According to her, "Wow...." Now I'm not going to get to drool over the beautiful barbeque that I'm sure comes later...

  14. Number 129. alabaster skin and big ass. I'll have some of that.and thanks for the Pontiacs Irish. My favorite page.

  15. No one notice #23? Can't say the eyelashes are appealing, but other than that........

  16. Who is #46? She looks like Kristi Noem.
    Thanks Irish; another fine Saturday morning.

  17. Got kitty? The guy who got this cat is 6'5"/285 lbs.

    Get a copy of "The Tiger-A True Story of Vengeance and Survival" by John Vaillant. A great read for a frigid night with deep snow when the silence of the forest screams out to be heard. A Siberian is harassed for several years by bounty hunters in Russia-some of the hunters never make it back home. True to form, the Soviet game warden is on the take but is bothered by his complicity. Sadly, the end is predictable.

  18. 10 Tanya Chmyhal. 11 Funny shit. 15 either krista hudecki or Vicki Galie. 19 Kaitlin Chapple smoke show. 23 Grace Smyth. 25 Annabellepeach. 30 Donna Feldman. 37 FUNNY SHIT RIGHT THAR. 41 No shit, crescent at that. 46 Jordan Carver. 47 The always beautiful Raquel. 48 Latvian hottie Ilvy Kokomo. 49 Anna Linnikova. 50 Karen Guzman. 51 Russian Hottie Elena Deligioz 55 Would like to have seen it back then. 69 My favorite number, I love the Betty and Wilma memes of today. 73 Anna Katkina. 75 Vintage vintage Gypsy Rose Lee. 76 MY FAVORITE MILF Only Andi. 78 Esperanza Gomez or Tom Brady. 80 Lillias Right. 81 Magnificent Beauty Gina LolloBrigida. 83 Erika Palkovicova smoke show. 84 Felicity Freckles. 92 Melissa Debling. 94 Anna Lisa Wagoner. 95 Julia Stiles. 100 Martina Finocchio. 103 Bre Blair. 104 Danielley Ayala. 105 Monika Chmielecka smoke show. 107 Shion Utsunomiya. 108 Svitlana Chumachenko, Irish loves this Ukrainian women.109 Silvia Caruso. 111 Kylie Page, huh Claremore Oklahoma, gonna have to ask around some of my young friends. 112 Ksusha Egorova. 114 Sasha Zima

    Bear Claw

  19. #10 : Dang, I wish I could have nails like that! On the other hand, I wouldn't /think/ of trading everything else I do and have done ...
    -- Davis.P

  20. #25 is


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