Tuesday, July 5, 2022

You know it...








  1. “Known to” can be used interchangeably with “handled by” in many of these cases.

  2. I predicted the future over at BC's place with the same of ROTFLMAO here.

  3. You know it is coming
    Jeff C in NC

  4. Yeppers.


  5. FBI False flag. They got there pretty quick don’t you think.

  6. Ever think the reason that the FBI wants to claim all these people were "known to" them is they are trying to get the idea to sink in that they want to arrest people who have not committed a crime based solely on their say-so?

    If only the fibbies could arrest and lock up *whoever they want* for *anything they might or might not do in the future* we can be safe, think of the children. Sounds like a somebody shitty playing more games again.

    1. This is what I was effectively going to say. I don't want to live in the minority report universe. The Fascist Bureau of Incarceration can quietly fade from history. Until large segments of the FBI are in prison for the attempted coup against Trump, I don't trust any of them.

  7. I told my wife, as soon as they picked up the guy so damn quick, now you know that you don't have anything like privacy. You are never without a camera watching you. I even saw on Fox News, last night, and no I was just passing by, not watching anything on television news of any stripe, Tucker Carlson had some former top cop, maybe a reformed FBI guy, that the cretin would eventually pass by a license plate reader. So now you know, if you are ever on the lamb, to cover your tracks, with a new plate or cover your plate with mud.
    Oops, did I write that? Forget I ever mentioned it. Too late, some NSA guy or gal, under the Patriot Act, already saw it, even if I take it back. Patriot Act, what a funny name for them to use.

  8. Saw a story that the liberal mayor of this town is already calling for a ban on all guns. Quite the cunning stunt.
    It seems her police actually went to the perps house and removed knives and possibly other weapons a couple years ago because he allegedly threatened to murder the other inhabitants. He would have been 18-19 years old at the time. He also allegedly attempted to commit suicide.
    So yes, he was known to the police and that Mayor because she ran for election against the perps father that same year. Something not right in that town, and it's not just that whacked out kid.

  9. Lessee... threatens to kill everybody, cops confiscate a large cache of knives/swords. Threatens suicide.

    Seems OK to me...


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