Friday, July 8, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago....






Enjoy the weekend and stay safe out there.


  1. Replies
    1. Amen. Favorite Caan movie, Thief, with soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. Delicious.

    2. Freebie and the Bean, 1972 James Caan and Alan Arkin Funniest movie ever!

    3. Thief Has been one of my favorite movies also.

    4. Freebie & the Bean! Funny as hell and not the least bit politically correct!

    5. Rollerball and Brian's Song...

  2. 12 - Just too cute.
    18 - By standing still, we keep moving further to the right.
    22 - That was me at 7:00 am, but I just got done with a 12 hour 3rd shift. So, my neighbors could FOAD!
    26 - Some seriously pointy hips.
    30 - That looks interesting.
    35 - When that day comes, it will be on like Donkey Kong.
    36 - Excellent form and technique. Eye contact is key.
    44 - Absolutely!
    48 - Love me a Hot Mom.
    54 - Pretty, but still not as alluring as Lynda Carter.
    63 - Just when you thought Charlie couldn't get any creepier.
    92 - Soon, the only way to display it. Won't be long and flying Old Glory will be illegal, too.
    94 - MMMMmmmmmmm-ILF !
    96 - THAT look.
    97 - Another MK Ultra meltdown. Right on schedule.
    106 - Wow. That is stunning.
    108 - Absolutely gorgeous. My POTN!
    126 - My anxiety went up five notches. Am I in danger, or about to have the time of my life? Hopefully both!
    131 - Topless Corn Popper
    132 - I've yet to see pics of an ugly female bowhunter. No, don't bother looking for them, either.
    135 - Yup.
    140 - Good day, Eay? And welcome to - HOLY COW! Look at the cans on that one, Eay!
    142 - Never meant to be an instruction manual.
    146 - Almost there, again.
    147 - Another legend, lost.

    Great collection, as always.
    Thanks, Boss.


  3. Nice older lady on 28, 44 (and a noble sentiment), nice chubby on 62, nice sunflower on 70, nice front seat on 86, nice yippee-ki-yay, mofo on 137.

    Don't forget Agarn,

  4. As always, fantastic break from reality. But especially nice selection of MILFS tonight. Thank you, Irish.

  5. Coraggioso! A fine collection of lasses, cars and food. With your busy and hectic week you out did your self!

  6. Dear God, know you really liked James but since the elevator goes both ways, can we suggest Pelosi for the express. Just saying. RIP James

  7. Late to the party tonight, I had to put brake pads on my truck.
    After I had two used tires thrown on the front.
    Saved myself over five hundred bucks between the two easily.
    Well done again Irish.

  8. Thank you sir. Some beautiful creatures in there for sure.


  9. The best part of waking up on Saturday is FFF. Thanks Irish. RIP JC.

  10. #3 Killin Biden right at the top. Did you see his gobbledegook from today, "repeat the line, repeat the line" reading from the teleprompter. that was an instruction to repeat the previous line he just read. you'd think that when they put instructions on the teleprompter, they'd be in a different color or something to clue the dumbass that it's an instruction. However, with his brain freezes, it probably wouldn't help. He'd probably think he supposed to shout the line or maybe do one of his famous whispers.
    #6 Oh my
    #8 Evap Milk. I'm the oldest child of a rather large post war family. I remember my mother making baby formula using evap milk, Karo syrup and a couple other things, boiling the bottles and the nipples and putting them in the fridge for feeding my younger sibs later.
    #9 Oh my, again!
    #26 Oh my the third
    #44 Let's get naked. Yes!!!
    #51 Like the smell of Hoppe's #9. The smell of FREEDOM.
    #70 Gorgeous!
    #99 All those anti-Americans. Morbark is hungry.
    #126 Olivia Wilde
    #133 Mischievous eyes
    #142 1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual. My eighth grade homeroom teacher actually assigned that as required reading during the fall term. The year was 1960. We'd discuss the weeks assigned chapters one period each week. How far school curriculum has fallen.

    Red heads, that OMG flasher at #6 and all of those Demonrat thrashing memes. Yet another over the top FFF. Either kill the spider or don't go that way. I believe they're susceptible to 7.5's from a twelve gauge. How do you kill a fly? Bring enough gun. You want to be sure. ;-)) Thanks and have a great weekend.


  11. I'm assuming #9 is from an 80's movie scene?
    Looks familiar.

    1. At the point she starts the shower, #9 looks like a young Rachel Ward to me, but I’ve never seen that much of her skin before. I’m pretty sure if she’d made a movie like this, I’d have seen it.

  12. What is the name of the girl in # 36? Anyone know? I've seen her before and think she may be the most beautiful woman in the world.

    1. Rachel Cook. She is also #123.

  13. Bitcoin Conference 2023! LMAO !
    I don't know how you this every week and every week it's better and better!


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