Friday, July 1, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..... Independence Day Weekend...







 Have a great Independance Day Weekend Folks. Enjoy yourself and make sure you play safe around the fireworks.

Stay safe,



  1. Nice bouncy on 2, interesting tush on 4, very nice older lady on 13, 63, 84, nice bush on 89, nice tummy on 91, nice clean on 160, and ain't it da troof on 130.

    PS Independence.

    1. Thanks edutcher. No proof reading this evening.

  2. Isn't freedom great? Happy Independence Day! What a wonderful mix of minx's, meats, autos, and memes. Well done, Irish, well done, indeed.

  3. If anyone recognizes the hot chick posted twice with Daffy Duck in the middle please pass on her name.
    asking for a friend.

    1. reverse image search says "melissa debling"

  4. Great post heading into the holiday weekend! Thanks Irish!

  5. 78 is looking for me, so pass on my e-mail, please.
    49 Brings back a painful memory. Gas went to fifty cents a gallon and I was outraged! Still not as badly as my dad. "I'll never pay a dollar a pound for steak." I miss you.
    111 Yeah, no, but yeah.

  6. Outstanding as always. And thanks for no naked/topless women in masks. They are not attractive (unless of course the mask is for "fun" and not Covid).

  7. Oh hell yeah, that was so good I had to swipe some!

  8. One name stands out this week..... Lynda!!!! Damn near went blind over that lady! I am living proof there are still some of us out here in the PDRC (Peoples Democratic Republic of California) that identifiy as what we were born as! As always a wonderful collection of ladies. You do a great thing here Irish. Thank you so much for the time you spend putting this together for us! Wishing everyone a happy and safe Independence Day!!! 'Merica!!!!!!!

  9. Perfect!
    Happy 4th to all.
    Spokane, USA

  10. Brietbart is reporting that Lynda Carter is calling for July to be another pride month. Best meme I've seen in a while pointed out that Memorial Day is only 1 day, so why does "pride" need a whole effin month? That was over at Mad Medic's place, IIRC.

    Julie Newmar looked okay in a mask. :)

    Thanks, Irish. Always enjoy the FFF. I'd like to know where that river is, with the cliffs behind it. Looks like a nice place to get away from it all for a while.

  11. 148 is also called 18 years of child support money.

  12. #28 for the win.
    #39 for the gold.
    and #55 for the win again.

    Another great one.

  13. For # 34 : Ah, if only it were true. But mass scales differently from length. Specifically, to about the third power, so using a linear weight ratio is a cheat. A better comparison would be to compare the cube roots of the ratio of masses, a calculation which give a D length of 11.7". Ouch!

    Or you can take a characteristic length measurement on both creatures and compare that. Height to shoulder might be a good one to try: I am no horse expert, so allow me to guess at some numbers. For the average horse, I think it is about 66 inches. For the average adult male, from the base of the palm to the socket, it is probably around 30". 20 x 30/66 = 9.09. Getting closer, but still way out of my league.

    So sorry.


  14. #27 Zager & Evans "In the year 2525"

  15. All very nice, except that Lynda Carter,she can kiss my ass.

  16. To #34: Ah, I wish it were true. unfortunately, length does not scale linearly to mass, but rather to the third root. That's why ants are so much stronger for their body mass than elephants are.

    To use her numbers, 20 divided by the third root of (1000/200) is 11.7 inches. Sorry, but I can't even come close.

    A better analysis might be to use some common length which is not too distorted by the difference in body shape. If you were to use 'arm' length, my first guess for values would be 66 inches for the horse from ground to fore-shoulder socket and 30 inches from a man's palm base to socket for a calculation of 20/(66/30), a length of 9.1 inches. Better, but still way out of my league.

    Thanks for trying, though!

  17. Yeah, I know I'm late. Nothing like a head / chest cold to frig up a holiday weekend.......

    6 - Sorry, but in what universe is that considered cool?
    7 - BFYTW!
    24 - Sleek.
    28 - Zagar and Evans. I had to look it up, but remembered it as soon as it popped up. Haven't heard it in a long time.
    34 - Finally. A metric where I'm ahead of the curve.
    35 - Sears and Roebuck houses?
    36 - Rescued Torino. I love a happy ending.
    40 - Yenko. What more is there to say?
    41 - Yeah, OK.....Whatever, dude.
    51 - Very cool.
    53 - Wolverenes!
    62 - I see something I'd like to pour syrup on.
    67 - Beth?
    75 - Expensive and high maintenance. I'm not talking about the car, either.
    88 - Back when cars had real style.
    103 - I'd enjoy the dentist a whole lot more if this was the norm.
    105 - My POTMorning
    106 - POTM 1st Alternate
    108 - Let the fun begin.
    113 - T Bird
    118 - A wise and industrious man.
    127 - Eleanor and her friend. There is a threesome I actually have a chance at, if I were rich......
    129 - Now THAT is pretty.
    135 - I'd cry too.
    143 - A nice clean Bronco. Not over done. Nice.
    172 - Looks nice, but too much lift.
    180 - OK, OK. I already apologized for being late!

    Lots of Blue Oval goodness and MILF's galore. What a way to end out the week.
    Thanks, Boss.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Whitehall, NY

  18. Great collection of Ladies, memes and vehicles! I don't recognize many of the Ladies, other than Lynda and Jennifer Aniston, and I think that's the lovely Tracy Binham at 106. I wish I know more of them, like 14 and 100 just for starters!
    I think that's a '73 Monte Carlo in the foreground of the Kmart pic. That brings back a lot memories, both the car and the store.
    Thanks for the Gunsmoke pic. The producers tried to get John Wayne to play him, but he didn't wan't to do TV. But he said he knew a guy, James Arness. They'd been in The Sea Chase and Trouble Along the Way and a few other films.... Thanks again!

  19. Who is the redhead nine down from the Biden 'toon and what is/was she in ?

    1. Beth Dutton in Yellowstone. Played by Kelly Reilly.

    2. Many thanks. Trying put a name to the face was driving me crazy!

  20. #18 wants me, I can tell
    but I would be happy to have the Bronco in #143

  21. Had such a crush on Nancy Wilson (#10, left) back in the day. Still has the prettiest eyes...
    And her sister could belt 'em out like no one else this side of Grace Slick.
    Ooooh, barracuda!

    1. With that guitar riff, Barracuda could have been a song about trash collection and still have been a hit.

  22. Univ of Saigon 68July 3, 2022 at 10:16 AM

    I believe that #72 is the money shot at the base of the lake in Glacier National Park.

    (Some of those pictures of girls are nice too.)

  23. Speaking of #72- is that Mrs. M by chance? If not, will we get to see more of her???

  24. #28 : I do that kind of thing, all the time. Over the years, I've taught myself an historic event for nearly every year since 1600. Yes, 1600. Drives my husband & kids crazy, but they all get straight-A's, so I'm doing something right!

  25. Well, Sir! Another outstanding job. I/We appreciate all that you do. Sincerely, just a great job, such a good mix and just double up on everyone elses comments. I know putting this together is time consuming, but you are appreciated for everything you post.


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