Thursday, June 30, 2022

Amazing Citizen Reporting On Lake Mean Drought...

 This Man and his Son give some good journalistic reporting on the Lake Mead situation.

It's a 20 minute video but well worth it.  After some searching I found an about page

for his website Sin City Outdoors. He served in the Military and appears to be doing a great

 job of raising up his son to be a young man.


Here is the Lake Mead Video.  If you fast forward through it make sure to listen to the ending.

From the 19 minute mark to the end.




Here is the video about "Sin City Outdoors"  <<<< Also a link to his web store.


  1. Lake Powell just as bad. Both about to not be able to run their hydro-electric turbines due to the low water level. Sounds serious... Powell stopped sending water to Lake Mead trying to save itself. Some other channels also reporting often on the situation.

  2. 60 golf courses, endless pools, fountains and water attractions tell me no one in LV has ever been serious about water conservation, despite the fact that it's in the fucking desert.
    Then there's the question of how did it go so far so fast? Mead isn't the only impound in trouble.
    More sabotage by the agenda-driven?

  3. Not to be rubbing salt in the wound, but, to steal and modify a line from Screamin' Sam Kennison, "You gotta live where the [WATER] is".

    Imagine how pissed off all of those people that depend on Lake Mead power are going to be when the lights go out, never mind their faucets don't even drip.


  4. Imagine the level if illegals had been previously deported.
    - Mississloppigarro

  5. They organized a rescue mission for an old dude whose house boat was stranded on the beach after it's motor quit and the water dropped. He didn't have the money, and the park service was going to charge him 20,000 bucks to move it. These guys told his story on their site, and an outfit from Salt Lake City came down and rescued the boat pro bono. There are some damned wonderful people left in this country, in spite of the Democrats.

  6. colorado is hogging way too much water. Get on them.

  7. Been reading and seeing comments about Mead for some time now. Funny how the press doesn't want to talk about the California woolly mammoth.

  8. 'How soon *they forget' - Awareness my Hillbilly Grandparents (and their's) and my own parents - and what I tell my own Great-Grandchildren (11 so far - Appears my kids, and theirs took my lessons on 'be keerful' to naught)

    However - Remember these "scary things" from just last year oh my dear Lord!

    Ya know - Reading that kinda shit from, at most, only a couple years later *some people could get the (reasonable?) idea there's a bunch of damn government idiots "in charge" of the water supply board[s].

    But then again I now hear - bees are fish.

    Now I will admit I never saw 'filet of bee' listed on no restaurant menu I ever looked at but what with gas prices and all I'm thinking I won't be ordering no "bee steak" anytime soon anyways.


  9. When you look at a contour map, you see the problem. Lakes are shaped like a funnel, very narrow in the river channel and much wider when the water level is up. When the water starts falling, the drop gets progressively faster as the water level approaches the original river.

  10. Another problem with dams:
    * rushing river water carries sediment.
    The dam slows the water, the sediment drops to the floor of the reservoir, and the reservoir capacity is reduced.
    East of Sacramento, California.
    Folsom dam was built in the 1950s.
    As early as 1970, areas of the reservoir were loading with sediment.
    Instead of the very steep canyon downstream of the dam, upstream of Folsom dam is a gravel-flat shore-to-shore.
    Cottage Grove, Oregon.
    Just east of town is Dorena dam and reservoir.
    The process is identical... sediment river slows behind the dam, sediment drops, the reservoir turns into a marshy gravel-flat.
    In each instance, reservoir capacity is severely reduced.


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