Sunday, June 26, 2022

A Smörgåsbord Of MEMEs From The Inbox....


  It's been busy at the sooper sekrit bunker. Lot's of projects, some planned some not planned

that need immediate attention. I'll be around. Here's some memes for your Sunday. 

Some may be repeats and some you may have seen elsewhere. I can't keep track anymore.

If you want to see the left implosions, try and catch some of the twitter posts out there..

 my God, they, the left, are insane. 

Stay safe, enjoy the day. Hot and humid here. Lot's of sun to enjoy.

Thanks to all who send the memes.








  1. We need to not push the "SCOTUS banned rad flag laws 9-0" memes. They're wrong. Caniglia vs Strom is the case at point and was a narrow restriction on warrantless searches using community caretaker precedent.

    1. This response just saved me hours of research. Thank you anonymous scholar!

  2. Daayyummmm good stuff Maynard.

    My favorite thing to post when someone speaks the truth about the constitution and abortion is to say something similar to "be quiet I love to hear the karens scream", or the gif of pelousi tearing trumps speech but with a Clarence Thomas smiling face head imposed with Roe v Wade as the text of the speach. Ridicule it's what's for breakfast.

    The karens don't even realize that beyond the grift abortion is to keep the female slaves in their cubicle.

  3. I'm sensing a common theme here, it almost appears to have a general pattern.
    We may be seeing a new dawning in the republic. Who knows maybe common sense will make a comeback, right now in DC its so scarce it almost qualifies as a superpower.

  4. Tried sending all the whole fantastic memes to Facebook message friends. Facebook says no way.. Sensitive MOFO's. Good stuff Dude. Good day to you.

  5. Unrestricted Meme Warfare!

  6. Drag Queens in our schools, Civil Asset Forfeiture and the LGBT Groomer problem will be the catalyst for CW2.
    Throw in $5 gasoline, $6 diesel, $12 roast chicken at Safeway that was $4.99 a year ago and I have seen more anger in my area than ever before. People are really angry and violent.
    I blame every LIBERAL personally and I do not think we make it to October.
    Be well,
    Spokane, USA


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