Thursday, June 16, 2022

Nostratrumpas Was Right...







 H/T to Bob.

Here is the twitter feed it's from.


  1. those assholes have no idea how bad people hate them these days. they KNOW it is being done on purpose to us.
    you think the BLM protests where bad, wait till people can't get food or even heat their homes here.
    they do not have enough guards too protect them from what is coming with this shit show.

    1. There is a gap between what you're saying and what they'll do.
      They will take it close but not completely to what you're saying.
      Take the people right up to the point of revolt, then reel in a notch or two.
      Later, put the hurt on a bit more. Then reel it in a bit.

      Eventually enough people accept their misery, your a rabble rouser for not accepting.

    2. Eventually good conquers evil. In the end we Light lovers win. If we haven't won yet, then it must not be the end.

  2. When was Trump ever wrong?

    1. Keeping the wrong guys.
      Listening to the wrong guys.
      Hiring the wrong guys.
      Not firing to wrong guys.
      Not jailing the wrong guys.
      Letting the wrong guys continue their scheming.

      The above is failure to protect the people.

    2. Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, Jim Comey, James Mattis, John Kelley, John Bolton, Bill Barr . . . and the hits just keep on comin’ . . . shall I continue?

  3. Two more years of this insanity to look forward to.
    It hasn't even started to get bad yet.
    I'm just waiting to see who they are going to replace the brain dead motherfucker with because there's no way he is going to finish the term.

  4. Just read a piece on GG saying NH electric rates are going to double starting next month. Also read a piece on Nat. gas saying that the same is going to apply to that commodity.

    In the meantime, Buydumb continues to gaslight us with "Putin's price hike" and/or it's Trump's fault.

    1. And give shit away to Ukraine:

  5. The part that kills me, is while trump caused every malaise known to man, nothing can be blamed on Biden as the president is not that powerful. Which is it. They want cake and then
    Be able to eat it.


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