Friday, June 17, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago... Squeaky Clean*



 Tonight we have a new submission from Mrs. "M".  Which stands for "M"y God those are wonderful.

* The Title is the hint.....  Enjoy.

Yes, I know I'm late.. Shit happened....







Stay safe out there and enjoy the weekend...!!!


  1. Suds? Nice
    Overalls? Yes
    Queen of spades? Nasty bitch
    Coffee is nice.
    Lace up is as well.
    Silver skirt is awesome.

  2. Better late than never, holy shit that was a fantastic post!

    Thanks Irish!

  3. Overall great, but let's be clear....NO WOMAN is attractive wearing a mask for the plannedemic. And no Corvette is attractive that has been retrofitted with LED lights, etc.

  4. You are the man Irish..

  5. Dayum.
    Just Dayum.
    You fuckin' ROCK dude!
    Extra sweet rides today and extra hot ladies.
    Fuckin' great memes too.
    Firin' on all cylinders buddy.

  6. #58 Yes, this is true. I noticed it a long, long time ago.

  7. I was impressed with 161 until I noticed the QoS tattoo on her titties, then I was disgusted.
    Never touch her, not with your dick.

    But a nice selection otherwise.

  8. Well now, I just learned something new today thanks to you and the other comment. I was intrigued by the concern about the QOS tattoo so I did some Google-fu and now realize what it means. Kinda like throwing a hot dog down a hallway I would imagine.


  9. I might be wrong, but I will suggest G_D has a different name for uncle joey demented hair sniffer in 175

    Excellent compliation Irish, have a great weekend.

  10. 6 - My POTN, right off the bat. 6 is also my old racing number. So, it is fitting.
    11 - WOW. That is nice. A shame about the tats.
    12 - There is something you don't see every day. A green IH.
    21 - Antique in-ground garbage receptacle.
    31 - All the more reason to keep them home.
    33 - Jaclyn Smith. My second favorite Angel.
    39 - While impressive, would be sooo much better without the bleach job.
    41 - Looks like somebody has found the right spot.
    49 - I don't know what it is, but I want to get dirty every time she gets clean? Only rinsing, so not Mrs M.
    50 - And they are always committed by the Government.
    58 - That's because liberals won't be happy until everyone is miserable - just like them.
    71 - Bayou Beach Bunny?
    82 - Like I've always said : commies gotta commie.
    85 - I love the fun sized ones, most of all.
    87 - Love a Hot Mom.
    96 - I see a bath, but I don't think this is who we are looking for. Nice though.
    101 - I'd nibble on that Chocolate Bunny.
    105 - Woe to you, oh earth and sea. For the Devil sends the beast with wrath. Because he knows the time is short. Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast. For it is a human number. Its number is 46.
    106 - The only Joe, in government, who knew what he was talking about. He warned us.
    109 - That looks like a pleasant Saturday morning.
    117 - Oh, you sexy beast!
    127 - OK - Soap suds, but lacking the spectacular "those". Nice, but again, not what we are looking for.
    129 - I was suitably impressed until I saw the Ghetto Hoops.
    131 - I'm going to say that this is the pick of a fine crop of MILF's, this week. My POTN 1st Alternate.
    135 - By the look of her pants, she was attacked by a bear. Luckily, not a scratch on her flawless physique.
    165 - THAT looks squeaky clean, or at least working on it. I'll go out on a limb and say we found her!
    167 - Jeffery likes Jeannie's, I preferred a witch. Elizabeth Montgomery, to be exact.
    171 - I do like puffies.
    180 - One clean Riv'
    181 - That is reason #641566865418463546413314346379891640446280

    I was beginning to wonder. Started to get worried after the 20th time refreshing the page. Hoped that something bad didn't happen to you; or, hoping something good did. ;-)
    You are starting to gather a fine compliment of generous contributors. If we were all to be so lucky.
    Have a good weekend, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

    1. #33, Hometown Girl! As was Farrah. OGF lived across the fairway from Farrah in the Woodlands. They both dead now, more's the pity

  11. Myyyyyy Goodness.
    Reminded me of backstage or the hotel room after a show in the 80’s.

    God Bless ya!!!

  12. So far no one has guessed who Mrs M is. So I'll take a stab, #169. Reason, magnificent mammaries with face obscured and the overall straps sorta look like an M. I was thinking it was 161, until I saw the QOS tattoo. I'm kinda surprised that you didn't know what it meant.

    Apparently Congressman Stabenow doesn't know that there's a coal or nat. gas plant behind every EV charging station and that her electric rates are going to at least double in the very near future. We'll see who has the last laugh.

    McCarthy was not only prescient, he didn't go far enough.

    McConaughey, Neeson, Damon et al the Hollyweird gun grabbers are the biggest of hypocrites. Made millions off of firearm movies, but want to take our firearms away. They must think we're Canada or one of those other crown colonies.

    Nice meme collection. This is how awareness to the lies Demonrats tell every day is done. Finally a lot of people are waking up, with all of the bad economic news and gas being +$5.00/gal, Trump going 12-2 in the most recent primary is helping. The MSM can't avoid reporting on it. While things are looking bad right now, it's going to get worse over the summer with a large recession looming. Once people start losing their jobs, AGAIN, due to another round of misplaced policies and another mortgage default starts driving the final nail into the economy, there'll be enough pissed off people to light this candle. When have people nothing left to loose, they get down right ornery.

    Flashers right near the top and along the way!!! Love those.

    Thanks for another magnificent collage. Have a great weekend.


  13. Perfect as usual!
    Thanks for the Happy Friday.
    Spokane, USA

  14. As usual, worth the wait

  15. Irish, you are never late as I check in on Saturday mornings. Love the Hallmark Moment, and everything else. My God, I don't know how Leigh finds the time to note and report so much (yes, I am envious). One day I will get there. Happy Father's Day this weekend, and as I hope you will, have a cold one in honor of your father. I will do the same. Cheers.

  16. I don't see it... # 53...

  17. Dammint Irish 4 made me wish it was Mrs. M. then 5 was before not enough coffee and to early it messed me up.

  18. Then damn Rosie Jones, to much for an old man

  19. 2 is how every husband should see his wife, nice bouncy on 11, 17, 20, a double shot of Helen 57, 59?, nice chubette on 69, nice melons on 77, nice glass of milk on 96, very nice older lady on 113 (great legs), 158, 163, nice outstanding on 133 (wish she were a bit broader in the beam), nice great sight to behold on waking up on 139 (and I don't think she's no kid n'ither), 143,nice little shrub on 156, nice fleshy on 159, nice squeaky clean on 165.

    PS Are we all sick of Pride Month?

  20. The Helen Mirren shots made my day.

  21. Can someone please explain 53? Maybe I just haven't had enough coffee. Thanks, Ed

    1. Look at the guy on the MC. Look at his Tshirt. Not the printing.


    2. Thanks Irish! That is funny!!! I had to embiggen it to see it. 71 year old eyes that haven't had
      the cataracts fixed yet Ed

  22. A great collection! thank you for your efforts!
    Always grateful for Rosie Jones!
    I had a chance to meet Angie Dickenson a few years ago, she still looked great!
    The amazing Tanya Song at 168.
    I am in full agreement on returning to traditional strip clubs!

    Thanks again,

  23. Mrs M thanks you all. I hope I brought some good clean fun to your day!!

  24. Wow, you've outdone yourself with this one. My arm wore out before I got to the end. Also, what is the black car with the louvered lights?

  25. #10 : Every employee at the Chick-fil-A's in Southern Ohio is smiling and genuinely friendly. It is amazing how the teams are consistently happy, and I love it. No other fast-food joints even come close to Chick-fil-A. And, ... Peach Shakes!
    -- Davis.P

  26. #56 : That Cat 994H loads 38 tons in a single bucket. (76,000 pounds)(34,473 kilograms)(28 VW Beetles)
    -- Davis.P

  27. Needed some A/C today so researching a little. 51 Olivia Newton John smokin hot love the clothes

  28. Ho Me Gurds!

    The super hot super big helpin of mature babes really did it for me!

  29. Whoa- don’t tell the wife but I think I’m in love with Mrs M. Is that bad?


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