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Friday, June 3, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago...


 Mrs. "CJ" joins us again this week, 'unharnessed', and 'feeling' 'blue'. 






Stay safe and enjoy the weekend.....!!


  1. Nice flounce on 20, nice quiver on 26, nice tush on 32, nice big heart on 130, is that Helen Mirren on 137?,

  2. Wow! Some really good ones in there.

    Thank you, Irish!

  3. #27 I googly eyed the pic, Google returned "Love". I agree.
    #29 Perfect tits. Not for everyone, buy those are just right, IMHO.
    #46 Pizza? There's pizza in that pic?
    #47 There's a one day, ONE, remembrance day to honor men and women who gave their lives for our country. The LGBTQWXYZ(add letters to identify new freaks daily) crowd get a whole month. That's "equity" playing out in real time.
    #59 Linda. What a babe.
    #108 Put it back how you found it. Imagine the what Carlin and Kennison would have to say about that.
    #122 Sophia
    #123 Mrs CJ
    #145 Stunning red head soul eater

    Flashers, classic Detroit iron (remember, there is no substitute for cubic inches), mouthwatering food including what look to be some heart attack inducing deserts and a bevy of bodacious babes. Yet another sensational FFF. Thanks and have a great weekend.

    #149 Ann Margaret classic red head babe


  4. Oh ginger, my ginger

  5. my friend wants to know, is #4 a horizontal Slinky?

  6. I feel I didn't give credit where credit was due last week. Mr Irish, you do an outstanding job of lifting our spirits and keeping us informed even through all the hardships you have had in your personal life. We salute you. And I stand by what I said...It's great having Jeff back and doing well. Keep your stick on the ice and your powder dry.

  7. 4 - That is a keeper.
    6 - Talk about a rack and a half.
    16 - 25 years ago......
    24 - The only thing better than leather and lace, is nothing.
    27 - Mmmmm, Pokies.
    28 - It started when they went from food stamps to a debit card. Acted like they EARNED that Platinum Status.
    29 - Well, now. I can take a hint.
    35 - The Mr. is a very lucky person. Very impressive, that is.
    40 - Shapely.
    42 - Patton's favorite piece of equipment, next to the M1 Garand.
    44 - POTN 3rd Alternate.
    49 - Yup; to serve and protect - just not you.
    50 - Red on the head, means I'll probably die in bed. Couldn't imagine a better way to go.
    57 - Of, course. You always strive to disarm your enemy.
    72 - Charging Rhino!
    78 - Kraco speakers? Really scraping the bottom of the Ames shelves for those.
    92 - ...or a Prius, or a K Car, or a Escort, or a.....etc, etc, etc......
    94 - That look. Says you're so getting laid after her drink is gone. Then she passes out and sleeps the rest of the night. BTDT.
    96 - But, but - It's Putin's fault.
    98 - Wowsers!
    109 - Love me some Gennies. Just the way FoMoCo designed them.
    116 - Wouldn't surprise me. They already arrested some for , "hindering an investigation" for suggesting they do their jobs.
    118 - I guess Huey Lewis was right....
    120 - Drooooooooool !
    123 - What a nice way to frame a doorway. Solid and well built.
    124 - Curled toes. Means I did my job right.
    128 - I crossed the tracks today and my radio came on. Not the first time it has happened, either. Spooky Taurus Things.
    136 - POTN 2nd Alternate.
    137 - GILF? Definitely not Helen Mirren, though. Sorry, Ed.
    140 - POTN 1st Alternate.
    141 - Very Cute.
    142 - Looks like a wild ride in the making.
    145 - There she is. My POTN.
    149 - Ann Marget - I spent an hour searching. I knew who she was, but couldn't pull the name out of my brain.

    Stellar collection, Boss.
    Enjoy the good weather this weekend. It won't last long.

    Whitehall, NY

  8. You know you never saw a Trex or a Raptor on the Flintstones

  9. Ahhh, a few moments of bliss.
    Thanks man.

  10. I .ust be a different cat than the rest of you. I caught myself staring at the F100 towing the bronco.

  11. Missed last Saturday, but back to the Salt Mines this week. A great start to the day though. Thanks Irish.

  12. 52. My glass brought to me by my daughter direct from the Dublin Brewery sits next to me as I purview a great set today.

  13. Fine collection this week Irish. Lots of Milfy goodness.

    Ok, let's see....

    #35 Mrs CJ??
    #133 looks like my Mrs. from behind. (Is there any doubt why I'm an ass and leg man?)
    #137 Dang girl
    #149 Even as a youngster I thought Ann Margret was smoking hot.

  14. Great, thank you!
    I don't recognize many of the ladies, Ann here at the end and did I see Sophia in there? But I wish I recognized some of them....

  15. Wouldn’t it be ok if your music videos could play in the background behind the Friday Femme F?And the librarians silencer gives me hope that there are still genus’s out there.

  16. I so look forward to this. Thank you sooooo much. It is the highlight of my week.


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