Monday, September 13, 2021

When The Cover Band Makes The Original Band Look Even Better....♫♫


 I was in a music mood with my covfefe this morning. Just playing some jams while

scrolling the internets....




 If you liked those, go check out all their cover songs over at youtube.




  1. Got to see them on the 2nd in Hopewell, VA. They're on their US tour right now, with quite a lot of dates across the country. Well worth the trip. The brass section makes the show, their antics...they're really having a good time on that stage.
    And yeah...they make Chicago, EW&F, Steely Dan sound even better.
    (and Ksenia is really something nice to look at while she's up there)

  2. You probably already know this, but the Chicago version of "I'm A Man" was a cover itself.

    1. I actually like the Chicago version better than the Spencer Davis Group's version. And now I like Leonid & Friends' version just as well.

    2. Yes. I think the lead singer for the Spencer Davis Group was all of about 16 yo when they released that song, whereas Chicago had been around long enough they were no long Chicago Transit Authority(smile). Talent plus experience SHOULD sound better than callow youth. And Chicago had talent in bunches and spades, where SDG had one. Leonid and Friends looks to have the same advantage.

  3. Seriously, listen with headphones and close your eyes the first time. You won't be able to distinguish the diference between this and the original except for sound quality.
    Note for note, an exact copy.
    Then watch and listen again. These guys are serious musicians and it gave me a whole nother level of respect for the guys in Chicago who wrote this stuff and were kicking it out over forty years ago.
    Way cool.
    Thanks again Irish, I went and listened to them all after you turned me on to this.

  4. They are in Lowell Mass this Thursday September 16 ! I am working that night, otherwise I would go. Still a few tickets at $92.00 each. And yes, Ksenia Buzina may be the prettiest , most talented, most everything woman on the planet!!

  5. Hard to believe that when they started, they were part time, and most of 'em didn't know English!

    These guys are amazing, just amazing.

  6. WOW.

    I've spent my whole life taking Chicago for granted, in every way possible.

    With the dreck that passes for music nowadays, they shine even brighter.

    But seeing these guys literally resurrect the entire catalog, note for note, isn't much different from watching someone put cameras on every piece of a symphony and watching them do Mozart or Beethoven.

    The "cover band" are phenomenal. Anyone with two brain cells should be calling the original article for clearances for a 200 city Chicagomania worldwide tour, starring these guys, as if it was Mama Mia!, Riverdance, or The
    Lion King. In the current musical desert, these guys would be the rock stars they really are, in their own right.

    And the guys putting their videos together are masterclass talent as well. Actual professional product from top-tier producers doesn't look as good as those two vids, and I've BTDT myself. This is pure artistry from end to end, top to bottom.

    Thanks for that. First day off I get, I'm doing a YouTube deep dive of everything they've got.
    If they had a DVD/BD of it all, I'd buy it right now.

    Thanks for that, Irish.

    1. hit the Albums/CD's tab.
      Their tour is pretty extensive being all the 'bigger' they are.

  7. And their cover, with special guests, of Steely Dan's "My Old School" is brilliant.


  8. I listened to them for hours after seeing them on your site. Just purchased two tickets for me and the Misses for their show on Sept 25th at the Martin Center in Douglas, Ga.

    Thanks Irish

  9. It was 1974 when my first guitar teacher turned me on to Chicago. I was 8. These guys reproduce that sound very well. Great find Irish. Ohio Guy

  10. Their take on 25 or 6 to 4 is phenomenal. Terry Kath (one of the unrecognized greats) would be proud of the way the lead guitarist follows his every note.

  11. Make me smile, made me cry. They are excellent.

  12. Start here for Ksenona:
    This will get you fired up!

    She is fluent in 7 languages, IIRC.

  13. Always dug a band with horns since high school days. Played the trombone (poorly) but the sound still sticks with me. Thanks the links. Jim K


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