Saturday, September 18, 2021

Moar Memes....









  1. But, but, but…I saw it on the internet! It HAS to be true! Three different countries, three different ages, two different genders, same endearing photo…and the kid is probably sitting in a sixth grade math class somewhere completely unaware that he/she died of coronavirus according to the press. And they wonder why I don’t trust press releases.

    1. They don't care what we think so they don't wonder.

  2. I am going to go ahead and admit I had to read the manatory vacations meme a couple times before my brain saw what was actually there. Having said that we just got back from what my wife said was a mandatory and very nice vacation at the beach. I pointed out to her that since I was now permanently a remote worker (at least till retirement) that I could work from there, or wherever. My sincere thanks to the COVID hysteria!

  3. Anybody else got the urge to yell "Wolverines"?

  4. I love the hug and can I be the first to say.... Sussman didn't kill himself!


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