Monday, September 13, 2021

Here's a Couple to Share if you like...



 Chief Nosewetter sent the first one.  He lurks at TFI :)

The second one was on the twit.








  1. Replies
    1. I second that.
      Glad to know he is keeping tabs on us.

      Whitehall, NY

    2. Here here!!!!!
      I get that the stress takes its toll. Your efforts did not go un-noticed. You are a friendly voice in the darkness.

  2. I'd like to, but the last time I put anything "Nazi-like" on Fakebook, the wienies (most of whom are either 5th graders given an assignment by their very leftist teacher or Pakistanis whose knowledge of the English language is very limited) banned me for a month.

  3. Wrong enemy...

  4. The opposition should play the Bidet speech about ‘Bringing justice to the Kabul Airport bombing mastermind’ followed by the DOD announcement that the bomber wasn’t there but an aid worker his wife and seven children were the Bidet victims. Voice over of the wreckage of the car and area.


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