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Friday, September 17, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago... Another Week Goes By....








Enjoy the weekend........


  1. 57 is awesome. I would love to see more of her. THANKS

  2. Nice tigress on 6, nice real woman on 12, nice bouncy on 28, nice Folies Bergeres on 52, nice older lady on 57, 125, nice plump on 97, 156, and it took me forever to figure out 140; girl needs some Cinnabons.

    PS Hello, London.

  3. Woo boy, glad to be back. Was out in the Golfo de Mehico catching a shit-ton of fish last weekend with some buddies but they sure as shit didn't look as good as this post.

    Thanks Irish!

  4. 1) I had that Kenwood Amp and Pre Amp 40 years ago.
    2) Amazingly beautiful Bronze Firebird.
    3) In my 62 years on this planet, it occurs to me I have never seen two sets of tits that look the same.
    4) Irish...WE LOVE YOU!

    Carry On,

  5. 112 Key to open a can yes and yes it was Crisco and cans of peanuts, 175 Corvette, I din't know whether to applaud or cry, 229 been there. Can't get enough of Genie. Another week of yuge boobs; round, curvy buttocks; and lady bits. You knocked the political commentary out of the park. Thanks and have a nice weekend.


  6. Thank you for your tireless work, highlights of my week.

  7. 7 - SkyNet makes a break for it...
    10 - AAhhhh, WTF is that?
    16 - Freaky tail on that thing.
    19 - No denying talent.
    49 - I think she may have done this before?
    77 - I'll say it : THAT is a boat-load of ass.
    93 - That is one scary ROPS.
    141 - My last Sony died because of that. Actually, I killed it.
    145 - The 6:30 News is carried in one twice that size.
    146 - Nice backside.
    182 - Yes, I have.
    195 - Things you'll find in West Rupert, VT ; for $500, Alex.
    209 - SPLASH!
    227 - '67 Fairlane GT. Yes, Please!
    242 - Yeah, I could bang-shift the F'k right into that.
    244 - Ripley. Believe it, or not.

    Mighty fine selection this week.
    Lots of bouncy to keep Ed enthralled and plenty of Boiler Doc bait.
    Always makes my week. Thanks, Boss!

    Whitehall, NY

  8. Three Asian babes. I'd buy a lottery ticket, but I already won! Thank you, sir. May I have another?

  9. Ya done good.
    Several that got my undivided attention and not all of them had boobs.

  10. I would like to say Happy 70th Birthday to Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira, whose cleavage we have all enjoyed for many years now..

  11. OMG!! Irish, your meme game is STRONG today! All week long I feel like I am the only real American left, and then on Saturday mornings I am reminded that there are indeed more people like me. Thanks to all for keeping the dream alive.

  12. 6-perfection
    11-perfect ginger
    13-instant karma
    43-uber cool
    44-not a camel toe, a moose knuckle
    49-fun times
    57-sexy at any age!!
    100-whata shot
    121-too darn cute!!
    194-more ginger goodness!
    227-always wanted one
    All the food please!!
    Thanks Irish!! Another great job!!

  13. Mr/ Irish, tits and ass and Pontiacs. You know me so well. Thank you for the best page on the internet!

  14. Fantasimo. Good stuff Boss.

  15. 59, 155.
    It like we’re all playing bingo here.
    Thanks for another great FFF.

  16. The "do not eat wrapper"/"we aren't going to make it, are we?" meme wins first place hands down!
    Everything else was great, but that one says it all.

  17. #187) datsun tail gate..... 60 yrs old Reader's Digest joke: "The Japanese started a new auto company and wanted a good name...They came up blank so called a German marketing company for help.."ok", said the Germans. "When do you need our suggestion?" Next Tuesday, said the Japs. "Dat soon?" asked the Germans.

  18. Faabulous fun bags this week! Thanks so much. Ohio Guy

  19. Too distracted, I keep loosing where I was when counting the pics.
    Thanks Irish

  20. FFF...come for the boobs, stay for the memes. Awesome as always sir!

  21. We better enjoy these Fridays because there is likely a lot of serious shit just around the corner.

  22. Thank you, Irish! I was having a shitty day, and then I remembered that I didn't check this weeks FFFF.

    Ahhhhh.....all better now!

  23. Wow. Hotties overload. Too many to shake a dic... er, stick at.

    #244. Sohorny Weaver. Always liked her.

  24. #5, #17, #57! Just wow.


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