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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Way Back Wednesday

 Duplex for sale in apartment building where Marilyn Monroe once lived

The 7 Skincare Steps Marilyn Monroe Never Skipped | Who What Wear

Marilyn Monroe, Ballerina, NY, 1954 | Milton H. Greene

Axel Crieger | Marilyn Monroe, Birdie, Manhattan, New York (2016) |  Available for Sale | Artsy

Marilyn Monroe: A bombshell, a feminist

First Look: Marilyn Monroe in Bed and Sticking Her Tongue Out, in Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe's diet and beauty secrets: How to get them

Marilyn Monroe's white dress: Remember when - CNN Style

Pin by Katja Anderson on Marilyn | Marilyn monroe photos, Marilyn, Marilyn  monroe

Marilyn Monroe posing for Playboy in December 1953. 'At 5'5' tall, she measured 36-22-34 and while her weight fluctuated throughout her adult life from 118 to 140 pounds, she always maintained that hourglass ratio,' recalls Emmeline Snively, proprietor of the Blue Book Modeling Agency

Marilyn as Sugar Kane Kowalczyk in Some Like it Hot. This was her most famous movie that also starred Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon but problems quickly surfaced on the set with Monroe's erratic behavior, forgetting her lines, showing up late or not at all. She started to believe that director Billy Wilder was her enemy. She silenced him when he tried to give her direction and cried when she did a bad take

Фотоподборка редких фото известных личностей 20 века. Часть 113.

The Hottest Marilyn Monroe Bikini Pictures - ViraLuck


  1. Sad she had to leave us too soon. Ohio Guy

  2. I just read a good story about the three bombshells which included her.

  3. She has many imitators, but there'll never be another Norma Jean. Nemo

    1. "Good-bye, Norma Jean...", Elton John had the right of it.

  4. Note to all the whiners in the world. This woman emerged from a childhood of poverty, abuse, and neglect and turned herself into a world famous beloved icon who will never be forgotten. That is the kind of strength and mental toughness we need more of today.

    1. Not really sure that "mental toughness" is a phrase that can be attributed to Marilyn Monroe. She was pretty unhinged for most of her life. That said, she did achieve a lot.

  5. I don't think she committed suicide.

  6. You want the 50s in one package? You just saw it.

  7. Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

    TY Irish - lovin the pics

  8. There is no doubt that she was quite possibly the most beautiful woman ever produced by the United States. If you look at the first couple of pictures of this set, compared to those that follow, you can see a difference. The first 2 or 3 she seems to be showing more of the real Norma Jean, and not so much of the pin up girl that Hollywood was looking for with her.
    While I like all of the views of her, since she was so gorgeous, and compared to some of the skeletal beauty presented today, she was a real woman, I like the pictures that show her soul a bit more. She was before my time, but I am still intrigued by her. As for her acting, if anyone ever watched the movie Niagara, you know that she really could do a decent job of acting, and playing the dumb blonde was not fair to her talent. Thanks Jeffery, for a really nice set of pictures that show MM in a lot of her various styles.

  9. I wasn't going to comment, but, as a tribute, I have to. Let me explain. We'll use the name "Mary Ann Miller", just to protect her real name and her memory. It was 1959 and just shy of 300 of us entered junior high, coming from 4 or 5 elementary schools. We'll say half were boys, half girls. Then there was MM. Natural blond, a little above average height, a tad (maybe 8 pounds) heavy, and built like one of Hef's 23 year old bunnies. I mean serious, big time "D" cups-enough to make a lot of the moms cry. Not at all pretentious, if you could describe a girl who attracted attention from a wide range of pre-teen and teen boys, men, grandfathers, and most likely every soldier, sailor, and fly boy who ever set eyes on her. She was a little self-conscious but by that tender, young age she likely let the fact that she was in every guy's dreams hone some of her aloofness. We could talk with her, but not otherwise get inside her web. Never knew if she was dating a much older high school guy, but that would have been a safe assumption. Probably got groped by those closest to her, but her home situation never came out, other than she seemed not to have siblings. Oh yeah, average grades at best (and those declined in each year for the rest of her academic 'career'. I would have loved to get into her, if only I knew how and knew what I was doing. Yeah, I was one of the few, youngish pre-teens who was there (Mom pushed me into Kindergarten while I was still 4 years old). But I sure knew what a boner was after being classmates with MM.

    Going into high school my family moved into another high school district so MM and I were no longer classmates. But every so often I'd ask an old buddy how she was doing. Then off to college at a school that had a bit of a reputation for attracting goof-offs. Me? I wanted to learn and it was the Viet Nam era, so getting a student deferment appealed to some more than others. First week freshman, wearing my damn Army ROTC uniform, and who do I see? Yup, there she is, taller, slimmer, and sporting her plaid pencil skirt with shapely biscuits and beautiful milkers. We say hi, though I look pretty much like any other kid Army recruit-green uniform and shortest haircut in my life. She dropped out (flunked out? Never knew that detail) to get married, which apparently she did soon after.

    One kid, divorce, re-married, divorced, then the downward spiral really gained momentum. Learned enough of the sad detail while looking for the obituary of a buddy classmate at her high school. She has been dead for about 25 years along with her fiance, killed by her ex-husband who then shot himself-all were struggling alcoholics.

    Back to the good stuff. MM always reminded me of Marilyn Monroe in many ways. In fact, I truly felt she was prettier, likely could have learned the actress trade, and certainly could have attracted just about any man she would have dreamed about. I sure wish she could have taken the other fork in the road and reaped the benefits of her God given beauty and warmth in ways she and those of us who even only knew her slightly would have wished for her.

    If I had a choice, I know which MM I would have asked out for a date.

  10. The one and only, dearest Marilyn.

  11. I guess that I just don't see it. I've always thought she was artificial, overrated, and plastic looking. Oh well, not everyone can be a fan.....


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