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Monday, April 19, 2021

♫♪♫ Essential Song For A 70's Playlist ♫♪♫


 I think this song must have played while I was puttering around yesterday. It was an earworm in my head and I found myself silently singing it off and on.  I never really looked into OMD since they were, as far as I was concerned, a one hit wonder with "Jackie Blue". They also did "If you want to get to heaven" which I do remember but not as much as their top hit. It's interesting what the different takes are on the song's meaning. Last night when I sat down for a bit, I searched and found out that the song was originally written about a male drug dealer. MORE HERE<<<



  1. That's a great song. Saw it live way back in...oh never mind, was a looongg time ago...

  2. That is a good one. Say them live way back in ... Never mind, was a loonngg time ago ..

  3. I saw the Daredevils in concert back in the mid 70's, as the opening act for ZZ Top (who didn't show). The Daredevils played for two hours and ROCKED. Never much cared for "Jackie Blue", though - they did much better stuff than that song.

  4. Sorry, Bro; I've always hated that song.

  5. OMD was way more than a one-hit wonder. 5 albums in 5 years and not a bad note anywhere. A lot of their songs got air play in those years, at least in Jacksonville, FL. Jackie Blue, Kansas You Fooler, If You Wanna Get To Heaven, Spaceship Orion, What's Happened Along In My Life, etc. Spaceship Orion has one of the most beautiful atmospheres of any song I've ever heard.

    1. I would add It'll Shine when it Shines.

  6. I thought you were referring to Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark with the OMD acronym at first, but I quickly looked down and saw the video posting. We are "So in Love" with you Irish and Jeffery, LOL!

  7. Always loved that song. When Tom Petty came along a bit later on some of his guitar work reminded me of the playing in "Jackie Blue".......

  8. We saw them preform this song in the mid-70's at a concert in Norfolk,Va.The gay men in the audience assumed it was a gay anthem,as it seemed to refer to the custom at the time(may still be) of gay men to have a female sounding other name they used as an alias.There were strange costumes and dancing near the stage during this part of the concert.No matter the costume,they all waved blue handkerchiefs as they danced.Then I noticed the drummer,while singing the song,wore a blue handkerchief around his neck,just for that song.It was an interesting night,especially for a 99 cent promotional concert for the local FM station(FM 99 WNOR).The opening act was Joan Armatrading.

  9. Any wonder at the particulars of how such a group could hit upon a name such as 'The Ozark Mountain Daredevils'? There's a history here. Springfield you could say upon reflection bears a certain central location re the Ozarks.

    Now this first un comes courtesy of the same channel which, when I was a kid was one of the two channels we could get whenever either Dad went out or he directed me to go out and twist the hillside rabbit ears. (Perhaps interestingly too the female newsreader's family is not unfamiliar to my wider family.)


    That was after the war of course and but this one was too in the same timeframe:


    Y'all familiar with Eastwood's mid-1970's 'hit' movie that featured, very near the end 'Mr. Wilson' blood dripping onto the toes of his boots witnessing the bounty hunters (and his former CO) attesting to Josey Wales demise? Push this one to the 3:15 timestamp and giver a listen:


    Of course y'all may say "Heck JK all that stuff was after and during the war so what's your point?" To which I'd reply 'patience'

    Where the Ozarks is concerned its always been this way and probably always will - I hope. Pre-war my family[s] was in both the county I live in presently and the Izard county mentioned in this un below is where both my parents were borned and raised up in:



    You don't know the half of it.


    I hear tell that Minneapolis cop got convicted on all charges and it's rumored the rioters may be coming my way.

    Do tell.


  10. An associate emails me with concerns "Not everybody knows Wikipedia has been ['corrupted']" and so "some folks may not realize, just because something has a Wikipedia page *they may not realize to read between the lines, Wikipedia has an agenda you realize JK."


    Former Founder Of Wikipedia Says Wikipedia Is BROKEN, Lies Stay Up And There's No Recourse



    Thank you M'Lady but I think everybody who comments here is well aware of the "issues" with Wikipedia.



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