Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Vax... and Vid...




and for those paying attention, you will mutter "no shit".....

Report says CDC inflated Covid numbers <<<<<<




  1. I got a nose bleed just reading that

  2. The "vaccine" should be properly referred to as what it truly is, a "pre-treatment." As stated, it does NOT prevent infection or spread, it makes a case of Wuhan Flu less severe. It is being portrayed as the savior of humanity from a virus that is 99.7% survivable.

    As a first responder that was eligible in the first round of jabbings, I passed. IF and I do mean IF, a true vaccine is developed using traditional methods, I may get that after at least one year of thousands of others getting it first.

  3. Thanks Anon. The vaccine makes a case of the WuFlu less severe. But wait, don't good strong levels of vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc supplements, cuercetin, N-AC, melatonin, etc do the same thing? Along with HCQ, now magically approved of once again, and Ivermectin (currently saving the Third World) used either as a treatment for the illness or as a pre-treatment ( ie prophylaxis )? So please tell us, what's the point of a vaccine? Especially when 6 months worth of all the above meds and supplements together might cost about $20 total. And tons of experiences have shown that they can all be used together safely. And now we've got the old gout medicine Colchicine, which like Pepcid, seems to cut the death rate and the severe illness rate in half.

    Ah but we NEED the vaccine, because there are no treatments! Um, what did I just write: a list of treatments. The list gets stronger and longer by the day.

    Funny how the 3rd line in the modern Hippocratic oath has doctors swearing to avoid therapeutic nihilism which means deliberately ignoring certain treatments known to work.

    PS - Fauci knew that HCQ/Zinc worked on SARS in 2005. You can find the NIH report online.

    A link for Colchicine if you're interested:
    Colchicine, in the form of a flower known as Autumn Crocus, has been used in western medicine since 1500BC. Ancient Egypt. As a purified drug, it's been approved in the USA since 1961.

  4. I am skeptical of any "vaccine" that doesn't confer immunity, nor prevent transmission of the Kung Flu. I will not voluntarily receive the shot unless it becomes a condituon of employment. If it does I will have to balance the lack of data, against the bother of changing employer.
    I foresee a whole slew of late night infomercials in about 5 years
    " Where you or a loved one immunized in 2021, if so you may be entitled to compensation"
    Still not sure why this is such a big deal, and how it became so political. The additional death toll does not appear to justify the total panic, and allowed the Dems to seize control via edict without any one pushing back.

  5. Here is something interesting from Nourishing Obscurity site:


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