Thursday, February 4, 2021

♫♪♫ The Moment Boilerdoc Quits His Job And Becomes a Roadie..... ♫♪♫



  1. That young lady can PLAY! Nemo

  2. Her version of "Eruption" incited an erection

  3. Whew! I broke out in a sweat just watching...

  4. Hot little China babe .

  5. Irish, my mother is from Derry. The Bog Side to be exact. Yes, my people were deep.
    Anyway, she came to visit me in Ft Lauderdale many year ago. I took her Sally O’Briens pub on the beach to hear a great Irish band that actually played Rebel songs.
    During one of their breaks, a striking young Chinese lady went up to the stage and started speaking with them. The lead singer turned to the audience and asked us if we would mind if she played a reel or two on his fiddle. We didn’t mind and boy could she play!
    She was amazing and better yet, those old boys played right along with her. Turns out she was THE leading violinist in China at that time. Apparently she had fell in love with and learned the Irish fiddle as a child and then took up the violin. She was on tour in the US and wanted to get back to her roots, so she searched out an Irish pub and asked to play. We were just lucky to be there that night
    All these years later, and it’s still one of my best memories with me mum.
    Thanks for the video and bringing back that great night.

  6. In classical music there is a whole category of violin concertos called "Blazing hot fiddlers in slinky little black dresses." Yum.

    1. Slinky? I saw someone with a mickey mouse hair bun and a dress that favored snow white. Hard to tell how tall she is but looked very short in my estimation. But she could play a mean fiddle fer sur!

  7. You should check out Pan's Piano on youtube, a very sexy piano player. Mainly does anime covers in cosplay.

  8. Even this hot little thing can't make Van Halen not suck.

  9. She would've been awesome in the original Mahavishnu Orchestra line up.


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