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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

It's Been A Long Week...

 First off, I will curse both Phil and Leigh under my breathe for putting up a challenge.

Phil, because he is stubborn and will spend hours fixing a 20.00 leaf blower.

Leigh, because he enjoys motor swaps and tranny fixes.

and here.

What started all this was me telling Phil about my Sunday which looked like this:

Heavy rescue to get the mower out of the back yard.

 Busted axle

 Sweet, it only took about 15 minutes to remove:
 Here's the little bastard on the bench

I mentioned to Phil about replacing the whole unit either from ebay or aftermarket.
At which point it was suggested, by Phil, that I replace the shaft and save money.

At first I'm looking at that unit and I really don't want to crack the case open. You know what that can lead to. IT NEVER BEING THE SAME! ( experience don't you know.)

Anyway, I decided to spend some time on the webz and came to realize that these units have known issues with the shafts breaking and there are aftermarket upgrade kits.

Mind you this is a 2005 machine. It's a nice unit and as it is it ain't worth much.

So, to the detriment of Friday Femme Fatale surfing, ( you can blame Phil if it's not up to par) I have spent lots of time researching this.

Luck had it that I found this video, AWESOME.. this is exactly what I'm dealing with:

Using his suggestions, I have ordered the axles(S) upgrade and will attempt a repair on both sides.

Everything is due in next week so keep you eyes to the skies and if you see this:

 You'll know I did this:

and, I'll be here:

There is the challenge.  Can I fix my 2005 zero turn, labor and parts for under $2699.00?

The world awaits an answer :)

We have also had a family emergency that seems to have turned out Ok. Posting will be light for a bit as that and work and life are keeping me busy.

I'll be around as time allows, Jeffery can help keep you focused on "breaks" (see below) and please enjoy the sidebar links to some great bloggers.



  1. Good luck to you. No smoke signals!

  2. Good luck with the repair Irish, and I hope all is well with the family.

  3. And you have good common sense in fixing both sides.
    Looking forward to the report on the work.
    If you get the unit to Philly, I would be tickled to lend a hand!

  4. Is there a Vegas line on the repair?

    I haven't tried it with a ZTR mower but the last two riding mowers that I have killed were transmission/axle issues that I tried to fix.

  5. Get an Exmark, worth the $$$$

  6. OF COURSE you can fix it for under $2600! Let us know what the axle repair/upgrade costs are, please.

    Oh, and don't forget to check the muffler if it won't start... ;P

  7. Willing to bet $2285+ shipping and sales tax.

    You poor bastard!
    Dis gonna be good.

  9. Good luck FI. With both.

    I am not worthy.......

    Shiiiiiit, if you had offered me beer and bought me lunch, I would have drove out Friday and MiG welded that bitch.
    Then the next question: Why would you get another Toro?

    Whitehall, NY

      Sit down here, I brought some popcorn for ya....

    2. I see the stakes, they be a-raisin’.

    3. Oh I am going to be cheering you on Buddy. It's the process that I am looking forward to!
      Remember my personal saying, I Win.
      No matter what it takes.

    4. Skip the Toro.

      For a few dollars more:

      You will be happier.

      The Exmark is a good idea as well, but nearly twice the price.

  11. My wife wanted to know why I needed a Warn 8000 winch mounted to the front of my 4WD truck. And then I got the John Deere L120 mower mired in the mud in the big back yard and pulled it right out. And then she got her 2WD truck loaded with landscaping material stuck in the backyard and I pulled that out too out. No more questions about the winch.

  12. If it is a tecumseh peerless trans search the net and you can find a pdf repair book. Be careful cracking open the aluminum case cause they break easy.

  13. I too have learned the hard lessons. For the cost of the original and a replacement I could have done what I did in the end and been money ahead. Talked to commercial mowing company friends one is owner of the local retail outlet. When one of his top guys said buy this mower and you will never buy another one. I did tiger cat commercial 0 interest. Cast spindles instead of the cheap crap like on my original cub cadet 60 inch deck which now only pulls my spray rig. Expensive? yes money and peace of mind for years now through the roof and only annual maintenance required.


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