Thursday, June 4, 2020

I Laughed....


  1. I dunno, it seems they have their own little tramp, one sparkle socks.

    Last night my brother told me how an American had recently interviewed Trudeau and asked for his thoughts on President Trump activating the military. Fifteen seconds of uh, uh, um, uh.... Apparently he never answered the question.


    1. Being Canadian let me comment.

      Somewhete there is a village missing its idiot. We'd really like them to take Trudeau back.

      Right now with all eyes on the US no one has noticed that he used an oder of council (our version of an executive order) to ban forearms and every few days they add more to the banned list but the bans are retro-activr to may 1st and not all up on the government website yet. Meaning you can be arrested for owning a gun that they didn't tell you was illegal and which was not illegal when you took it to a range, but which they made illegal later.

      So say you have a single shot 12 guage at a range on May 12th. A cop sees you, then on May 25th that model is made illegal and its retroactive to May 1st. But not published till June 3rd. Now the cops arrest you because you used it on the 12th of May.

      Add in they disbanded parliament but reducing the # of members and the new reduce # during covid has a diffetent % than the full one from each party.

      We are a mess.

      So really we would be best described as the prisoner of a grooming gang who happens to be raped nightly above a meth lab.


    2. None of this will end well. I only laughed because I’m seeing all the shit down here. Fucked up continent we are on for sure.

  2. Well, while that may be Truedeau...
    They're just as stupid when it comes to the DemPanic!

  3. How funny. Now they know how it is for us in the Southern Tier US States living "above" a true meth lab, Mexico!



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