Sunday, May 31, 2020

Lately, More Often Than Not, It Seems Like This Is The Hand Being Dealt...

  However you choose to enjoy your day, always remember, there are 10's of thousands of people who go to work and pay taxes and follow the laws and pay their bills and don't trust the media. The silent majority.

Those that pick themselves up each time they are knocked down.

 Those that have to wash their hands after putting in a full work day.

 Those that don't rely on anyone but themselves and those close to them.

 Those that don't take handouts or demand they are "owed" something.

They are watching everything silently from the sidelines.

They know what is going on.

They feel the Cold Anger*.

* "I am not an angry person. In fact, thankfully, I am more content in my life than I’ve ever been. Yet, I am plagued with feelings unfamiliar to me, rage and frustration simmer below the surface now. I don’t want to despise other Americans. Period. It may be too late."-Mary 

 They are patiently optimistic that "this too shall pass" and a form of normalcy will return and not the #newnormal newspeak of late.

Even though time and again the water has slowly warmed around the frog they continue on because life as it is doesn't compare to what it may be when cold goes hot.

 The "one's" that are promoting the current events won't want to see what happens when those folks decide they have nothing to lose and choose to enter the game.

Now on to more important things:


  1. I would like to offer some positive words to Mary, but I actually have some dislike bordering on contempt for her.

    What have many of us been discussing and sharing information on a lot of blogs or in meatspace over the last ten years or more for? our health? Wrong.

    She is more content now than she has ever been, but she is conflicted about what the future holds. Maybe she will figure out what to do when the ruckus kicks off in full force category 4, maybe she won't, maybe she will survive the first few weeks after entering the game, I don't know. I do know that she and many millions like her will have a lot of adjusting to their way of thinking and surviving, if everything goes to worst case.

    Breakfast looks excellent. A good day to you, Irish, may the wind fill your sails.

  2. Stay away from crowds. Bad things happen there.


  3. ...and in the midst of all of this hoopla, the fact that the Crew Dragon has hard docked to the ISS has not been reported anywhere that I've seen this morning.


  4. When, not if is pessimistic I know. As a geezer, I will go down in a pile of brass before we lose it all.
    We the silent have our lists.

  5. This country hasn't seen rage and anger yet.

    1. Hi Phil. Watching the live chopper feeds from cities like Philadelphia and seeing the endless people running in and out with arm loads of STOLEN goods unchallenged by the popO makes me wonder what is the use of the poPo to begin with. Funny thing though the rioters robbing the Target had the time to pull their car up to the front and load it up. No worries free stuff right. You are correct Phil. From the covid 19 farce and the attendant job losses, the destruction of small mom and pop shops and the bullshit masks and social distancing edicts by rouge governors and politicians. Most of all, the destruction of the small things that us deplorables looked forward to. Free use of beaches, attending parades, ball games, boardwalks. LOL simple little things like walking the boardwalk and getting a slice of pizza, cheap sunglasses, lousy hoodies, greased french fries and on and on. They have destroyed the little things that mattered for US. Yeah rage and anger.


  6. Phil gets it. When the blacks rampage they destroy parts of cities.

    When the whites rampage, we destroy entire continents.

    IOW, Don't Fuck With Us!

    Agree with Grog...breakfast looks delicious.

    @nemo...noticed the same thing...nothing about Dragon docking with ISS.

    Be safe, gentlemen....

  7. This is the late 60s all over again, for those who missed it first time around. The Lefties are dealing themselves one of the biggest electoral disasters ever.

    Look at ''68 and '72. Look at '80 and '84.

    Add them all up. That's what I think we'll see this time.

  8. @edutcher: From your keyboard to Hashem's inbox.


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