Wednesday, June 3, 2020

A Short...

  She sat in the darkened business with her Mossberg on her lap. She thought, it's probably "more" illegal for some god forsaken reason in this state than was the rioting, looting and burning buildings. As a matter of fact, she pondered, so were large gatherings in the current climate of hysteria. This made her smile at the insanity.

  Her family had put in countless hours to build a successful business in this suburban town. The year before they purchased the building and had done renovations. Over the years, the town had gotten more and more liberal and even though it was considered well-to-do she looked forward to selling and retiring since all the "Karen's" and beta males made her sick to her stomach. She just took their money and smiled. It was quiet other than the multiple state police cruisers riding around town and passing outside her window. She closed her eyes.

 Just over twenty four hours ago a friend had sent her a PM in facebook about BLM staging a protest down the street at the local large plaza. At first it was a hundred people or so but as the day worn on the post garnered hundreds of likes comments and support. She even recognized customers, that lived in this lily white enclave, showing unfettered, slobbering support and their own self hatred of their whiteness. It was almost as if they were trying to out do each other. Yuck. What concerned her even more though, were the amount of comments from people in the sanctuary city just to the North. Drugs and violence are always in the news that covers that old mill town. They were the ones she was concerned about. There were also comments of busing protesters in from out of town.

 As the facebook post grew, so did her fears. The national news wasn't looking so good in areas where the protests had taken place. Violence, looting, burning. Law enforcement standing down.

She drifted off  in thought and her mind ran wild with questions. What kind of message do they think people will get by these types of actions? What is going to be the result of this? Where is the rule of law? What would our ancestors say given the fact that the shot heard round the world was right here in this state!? Do masks really work? What if my make up runs? What happened to the murder hornets? She laughed out loud.

Sounds grew in the distance. Some shouting and the sounds of breaking glass. A cruiser sped past. She noted that it didn't have the lights of siren on. Her phone beeped. "THEY ARE HEADED DOWN THE STREET" Adrenalin surged.

An orange glow lit up the buildings across the street as the glass broke and shadows crossed in front of the door. A figure in black started smashing the entrance to her store she had worked so hard to build. She raised the Mossberg realizing she had never fired it. Her friend in the granite state had given it to her under duress. She was hard to say no to. When she got the shot gun home, she ground off the serial number. This was on her.

As the door gave way and the figures entered she smiled and pulled the trigger, racked and pulled it
 again. Screaming sounds, her ears ringing, smoke in the air. Seconds and minutes turned to hours.
Blue lights lit up the inside of the store. 

Many of the agitators had run off at the sound of the shotgun. None expected resistance. The state police cleared the remaining crowd aside and entered over the bodies. A few questions were asked and suddenly she was in handcuffs. She stood tall, didn't cry, the make up thing you know.

As she sat in the back of the cruiser she knew her old life had ended. Given the fact that the victims are always treated worse than the criminals in the once great state she was in.

They would throw the book at her and make an example.

 The media would eviscerate her life.

She and her family wouldn't be safe in this state. She didn't care. It had long since been home.

Time passed and what she thought would happen did. She was going to made an example of.

What she hadn't planned on was the up swelling of support from across the country. A fund was started for her legal defense. A very well known lawyer who was once a staunch democrat took her case. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised for her.

By a stroke of luck the prosecutor was arrested on child porn charges and had to be removed.

The media lost interest as time wore on. They had other agendas to push.

She pled temporary insanity and used the system against itself.

The jury took forever to chose but her lawyer could tell which ones would be her peers.

Somewhere out west, her and her family just paid for the building they were renting for their store.



  1. How many of us really believe that those idiots want to take this fight to the suburbs where many houses are armed? They are brainless though, so someone is going to try it somewhere. Stay tuned. There will be a news story about a homeowner being berated or actually "charged" for shooting a "peaceful" unarmed intruder.

  2. Just an FYI to all. WRSA is NO MORE. Wordpress has taken it down PERMANENTLY, by the looks.


  3. FYI on grinding off the serial number. The SN is STAMPED, so even if you burnish it off the metal, the grain distortions are still there underneath and can be made visible again. To get rid of SNs entirely requires annealing that area of the metal, which is not easy (not difficult either) but also runs the risk of reducing the metal's strength in that area.

    I remember a clear example of this from my material science class waaaaaaay back in college.

  4. I saw that this morning. WTF happened?

    Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    (try again w/ Brave block off?)
    (also have been unable to post to FI as Anonymous for quite awhile.
    Do I need to have "The Mark of the Number of the Beast" (gaggle account) to post here?)

  5. Damn Irish, you have the gift for sure.
    That was excellent.
    I'm not even kidding.
    If you wrote a book I would buy it.

  6. There is this:

    The Police. Hard on soft targets, soft on hard targets.

    Incidentally WRSA is posting on their blog and it looks like they have managed to retrieve most if not all of their content:

    Phil B

  7. - last post was from 2011.


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