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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Interesting Blogger Glitch-- Fixed !

 As I was finishing up some posts this morning I see the main page only shows 2 post.

Double checking the settings and retesting with various numbers of post to show like 10 or 15 nothing seems to change.

If anyone has experienced that let me know.  I'll mess with some other stuff late I guess.



For some reason when I copy and pasted the image of granny drinking a beer below, it filled the post with pages of HTML code.  I deleted the post and used the blogger image tool instead.



  1. I have the same issue on https://theviewfromladylake.blogspot.com - I'd like the wall to display more than two posts before it gets that 'Older posts' nonsense. If yo get an answer lemme know okay?

  2. I have used copy and paste of images, but when I do they invariably don't show up on the main page, although I can see them just fine in the edit version. I now use the insert image tool, seems to work much better.


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