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Saturday, May 30, 2020

No Shit,Huh?


  1. Funny how the Lamestream Midiots miraculously came to completely ignore "socialist distancing" when the riots are about minority dying, while being arrested for an actual alleged crime, after continuously losing their shit over peaceful protests over people losing their homes, businesses and the utter destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

    It just goes to show that it's all about control and has ZERO to do with health.

    Saul Alinsky must be very proud of his students in the halls of power.

    Keep your powder dry, boys and girls. It's gonna get REAL sporty here, real soon, unless someone has the balls to start the dropping bodies that are behind these riots. Even then, it might already be too late to keep the thugs from spreading their shit to the rest of the country.

    All Hail Diversity!

  2. Hold your hats folks. More and more evidence this is organized.
    Someone is trying to start spicy time. For sure.


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