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Monday, March 2, 2020

Here in northwest Alabama we had 22.5" of rain in January and 15.25" in February. It is pouring this morning and parts of Alabama are forecast to receive over 5" of the liquid sunshine this week.

While I was never a huge Carpenters fan, this song does come to mind this rainy Monday morning.



  1. I live southeast al same here to wet to do anything

  2. There are times I'm grateful I live in the high, cold, but dry, Canadian Rocky Mountain foothills.

    I hate rain. Snow I can tolerate, but wet feet? Ugh.

  3. The Carpenters are not the 'style' of music that I usually listen to, but their songs are good quality and I've always loved her voice. I recognize her voice instantly when I hear it.

  4. My son is over at Benning. They had alot of rain too..

  5. We were suppose to get more than we did down here in the Pensacola area today, but the real fun is suppose to be tomorrow.

  6. I love The Carpenters. Mom used to play them when I was a little guy. I also like Motorhead.


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